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You Are Interested In Residential Mailing Lists Because
That's What Brought You Here In Your Search Efforts...Correct?

Then Let Us Help You Make A Successful List Choice!

So Please, Read On...

Did You Know That The Term Residential Mailing Lists Can Refer To Many Different Types Of Lists That Target People At Their Residences? And That The Costs AND Postage For These Can Also Vary Greatly?

We'll help you get going with what you're trying to accomplish...So, here are the differences in a nutshell:

The Two Primary Lists That Most Of Our Clients Choose When Trying To Reach People At Their Residences Are The Resident Databank Or Our Consumer Databank.

The Information Below Should Help You Decide Which Type Of List
Is The Best For Your Goals And Objectives.

When To Choose The Resident Databank

  • If you are looking to "saturate" an entire area, ensuring that every household gets a mailpiece the DietrichDirect's Resident Databank will reach virtually every deliverable household in any of the following areas of your choosing:
    • State
    • County
    • Mailing Lists By Zip Code
    • Carrier Routes (Carrier Route Maps Are Completely FREE!)
    • Zip+4s
    • Radii
    • Congressional / Local District Boundries (perfect for election campaign efforts!)
    • Census Tracts - Click on link for more information about Census Tract Mapping
    • Even your own polygons, zones or trade areas!
    • We can also identify house/dwelling types. For example, we work with major lawn care franchises and assist them in identifying and developing prospecting lists of single family homes (think pinpointing those with LAWNS!) for their direct mail campaigns. In a completely different scenario, we work with large real estate companies in the New York City area who target specific High-Rise building addresses and their residents.

  • Need More Proof? Click On This Carrier Route Map Link And See How Our Expertise And Technology Tools Can Help You Pinpoint Your Target Audience!

  • Because of the saturation nature of the Resident Databank, you're also assured of the lowest possible postage discounts as well. And this can be significant for your ROI. Because most if not all households in the Carrier Route (Carrier Route=Postal Carrier) get a mailpiece when using this list, the USPS gives you enhanced discounts. These are called Walk-Sequence Saturation Discounts.

  • We do have "names where available" on approximately 80% of all records in our Resident Databank. This means that you can achieve the "personalization" on most records while still enjoying the enhanced postage discounts. However, if your product or service requires that you absolutely must have a contact name on every mail piece (instead of "To Our Friend At" or "Resident") then the Resident Databank may not be for you. As always, we've got a wealth of practical, first hand experience with helping you decide whether this is critical don't hesitate to ask!

  • The Resident Databank also has several demographic statistics at the Carrier Route level that may assist you in refining and more accurately pinpointing your target audience. We currently feature Median Age, Median Income & Median Home Value. This is usually more than enough information for most...However, If you need other demographics let us know and we can assist you.

So...How Much Does The Resident Databank Cost?

Base rate is only $7.50 per thousand records.

So, remember...even though this type of mailing list is referred to as an occupant or saturation list, DietrichDirect's Resident Databank has an incredible array of features, data and selections available to make it behave more like it's more costly neighbor...Our Consumer Databank.

When To Choose Our Consumer Databank

  • If reaching specific individuals by their full name is critical to your campaign, then our Consumer Databank file is just what you need.

  • If you need to develop you prospecting list with many demographic and lifestyle variables, then choose our consumer mailing list database. There are simply too many variables to list in this space...OVER 100 OF THEM! ...but, you can surely find them all listed on our Consumer Mailing List page.

  • If you need a prospecting list for telemarketing purposes, then our Consumer Databank (with phones available) is the database for you.

  • Your postage costs for mailing against these lists are typically a bit higher than if using our Resident Databank. If you would like to discuss the cost ramifications of using one list over the other and how it may impact your overall ROI estimate, please give us a call and we'll be glad to provide you with our Direct Mail ROI Calculator in a convenient spreadsheet format.

Our Consumer Databank is the nation's premier database. Why? Because it's multi-sourced. This methodology creates a system of checks and balances...record by record...ensuring that information from each of the files is compared for integrity, validity and accuracy prior to it being allowed as a part of the overall record.

Having multiple foundation files to build upon is unique to our consumer list file...and important to you...because you get a best of breed file that is the most complete and accurate file of its kind in the market today!

Our Consumer Databank Improves Your ROI Because Of Precise Targeting, Reach, And Deliverability!
So...How Much Does The Consumer Databank File Cost?

Base rate starts at only $40 per thousand records
. Please see our Consumer Databank page for complete selections and pricing details. Or, simply pick up the phone and call us to discuss your project needs.

But Knowing Which Type Of Residential List To Use Isn't The Only Reason You're Here.

You're Looking For A List Company That Delivers Far More Than Convenient: "We're The Best" Taglines...

You Need Unquestionable Experience, Service That Delights You, And Results That Deliver Money To Your Bottom Line.

So Call Us Today And Let Our Knowledgeable List Advisors Assist You With What You're Trying To Accomplish.


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