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10 Reasons Why You Should Use DietrichDirect

To Provide You With A Targeted Mailing List.

  1. EXPERIENCE YOU CAN TRUST - We have over 15 years of experience in virtually every facet of the list business. With an intimate understanding of how the data is compiled, and an understanding of the challenges that Marketers face, we are uniquely qualified to recommend and deliver the best mailing list to you at the best price! We know how to listen and assist you in solving your challenges in the most cost-effective manner possible.

  2. WE "HAND PICK" OUR LIST PARTNERS - As one of the most important components to direct mail success, we maintain outstanding collaborative relationships with the very best list compilers and list managers in the list industry. Our common goals are to create and maintain the very best lists with outstanding service and quality.

  3. ONE CALL IS ALL IT TAKES - We are a full-service list brokerage providing comprehensive list services: strategy development,demographic profile development, list research, acquisition, list enhancement services, and database/supression list management solutions.

  4. DIETRICHDIRECT: THE DIRECT MARKETING AGENCY BEHIND EVERY LIST YOU BUY - DietrichDirect not an internet business. We are a Direct Marketing Agency. We sell lists because they are inextricably tied the other aspects of the direct marketing process. In order for us to make our clients successful, we partner with, and "hand pick" the very best marketing mailing lists the industry offers. So, even if you order just lists from us, you benefit from our experience and multi-dimensional approach.

  5. FANATICAL ABOUT SERVICE - Service is the cornerstone of our business. When you call, you get a live person...and we get the information you need (counts, research, pricing) back to you quickly...if not instantly. Our goal is to make your list purchase as simple as possible. And we do that with great service, thorough communication and insightful account management - that's what DietrichDirect is all about!

  6. COMPETITIVE PRICING - Because of our relationships with list compilers and managers themselves we are able to provide you with low pricing and discounted rates for volume purchases.

  7. TECHNOLOGY? YEA, YOU MIGHT SAY WE KNOW THAT WORD - So much of what we do in the List industry depends on technology. Knowing how to best leverage the benefits, and avoid its shortcomings is fundamental to the way we operate...and fundamental to your list buying experience. Despite the robustness of our online counts, ordering system and other application tools, you may prefer to pick up the phone and call us...No problem! We're here to help.

  8. WE BRING YOU PEACE OF MIND - Everyone claims "quality," but DietrichDirect delivers quality with substance...not rhetoric. Excellence...not mediocrity. We are intimately familiar with the list industry and are aware of the techniques & processes that produce quality, accurate and timely mailing lists. Our experience = your peace of mind.

  9. ONE GOAL...MAXIMIZE YOUR RETURN ON MARKETING INVESTMENT (ROMI) WITH HIGHLY TARGETED MAILING LISTS- We have a keen understanding of the challenges that Marketers face, making certain that the audience (the list) is in harmony with the creative, the timing and execution...Its not just a list sale...we take an interest in the other aspects of your direct mail project as well...and all with one goal in common: to maximize your Return On Marketing Investment.

  10. DIETRICHDIRECT...GREAT VALUE! - Our combination of expertise, service, and competitive pricing makes DietrichDirect a great value. So why not give us a call and see for yourself.

Business Lists? Residential Lists? Consumer Lists? Call us today and let DietrichDirect be YOUR Targeted Mailing List company!

We have many list special offers for 2016!



For Information Regarding Any Of Our List Products Or Services Please Call Us Or Use The Form Below. A Helpful List Advisor Will Contact You Immediately And Will Assist You In Meeting Your Objectives.

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