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Direct Mail ROI Calculator

Here's a simple calculator to examine the potential Return on Investment for your direct mail campaign. Just enter your budget and anticipated results. If you're not sure how much it will cost for a direct mail campaign, just visit either of the following pages: Postcard Campaign Pricing-Click Here ; Brochure Mailing Pricing-Click Here ; Personalized Laser Letter Campaign Pricing-Click Here. For example, if you want to mail 2000 6x9 Postcards using a residential address list and our print/mail services, you would enter $1199. Unless you have addiitional costs associated with your campaign (i.e. other selling costs), use the pricing on our charts - because the costs cover EVERYTHING associated with the campaign (The list, printing, mailing services and postage). Plug in various scenarios and see what your sales potential can be with direct mail!

How many pieces do you want to mail?  
What is the cost of the campaign? (e.g.. use chart pricing)
What is your anticipated response rate? (e.g. .5% etc)
What % of those responding do you expect to subsequently buy?
How much do you expect each buyer to spend? (avg)
Your Results
# of Responders Cost per Response $
# of Buyers Cost per new Customer $
Total Revenue from campaign $ Cost per piece $
Your Return on Advertising Investment: %
*For example: If your ROI figure is say, 250%, then what this means is that for every $1 you spend on the campaign, you will receive $2.50 back in sales revenue. Positive ROI is what grows your business. Let DietrichDirect help you design and execute a direct mail campaign to ensure a positive ROI.

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