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DietrichDirect partners with the best list compilers in the nation and delivers them right to your desktop at great prices! So don't go anywhere else. We are the only mailing list company you'll ever need.

For our most popular lists, we've made them available ONLINE for your convenience. However, we promise to be UNLIKE other online mailing list providers. If you have a question, just pick up the phone, chat with our live help online or send us an email...You will get a fast, and KNOWLEDGEABLE response.

Intimate Knowledge of the List Industry

The key to your successful list acquisition is our knowledge of the mailing list industry. We've been involved in nearly every aspect of the industry, from research and compiling, to demographic and statistical analysis and everything in between. So while you may look at us simply as your list broker, you'll appreciate that we know the mailing list business from the inside out...and you can put your trust in our 15 years of experience and the relationships we''ve built along the way.

But most importantly, as your mailing list company (and if we're fortunate enough, a provider of other Direct Marketing services too...), we realize you are about to spend significant time and money executing a Direct Marketing campaign. We appreciate this fact, and we will make every effort possible the give you SOUND ADVICE! An "accurate" list does not guarantee a successful campaign if the list is not the RIGHT list for the least amount of money spent. Direct Marketing must be a "marriage of best efforts"...the right mailing list, the right creative, the right copy, and the right timing. DietrichDirect is here to help, ask questions and LISTEN!

Insightful Consultations With Experienced Staff...

DietrichDirect feels strongly that consulting and advising with you is just as important as making mailing lists convenient for you to access. If you're a veteran, you probably know exactly what you're looking for...and feel completely comfortable ordering from our online list systems. But even experts will feel comfortable knowing that "sounding board" experience is just a phone call or email away, particularly if the list details are complex..

For those who only buy an occassional mailing list, or those who prefer the traditional, more personal approach to getting list counts, we're here to hold your hand...and help you get the right mailing list for the least amount of money.

Virtually Any Mailing List...At The Best Prices Around!

In addition to our popular online mailing lists, DietrichDirect also offers many other lists...from Residential Lists and New Mover Lists to the most obscure lists available. If list owners make it available, DietrichDirect can get it for you at the best price. However, please understand that specialized lists tend to be more expensive.

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Finally, although we believe in the power and effectiveness of Direct Marketing, we believe that the rights and privacy of consumers are paramount. DietrichDirect ensures all our list compiling partners adhere to the Direct Marketing Association's (DMA) guidelines regarding consumer privacy. The DMA "Privacy Promise" includes the following principles:

  • Provide customers with notice of their ability to opt out of information rental, sale or exchange with other marketers.
  • Honor your request not to share your information with other marketers.
  • Honor your request not to receive mail, telephone or other solicitations again.
  • Use The DMA's Mail Preference Service and Telephone Preference Service, and E-mail Preference Service, national name-removal services of consumers who wish not to receive unsolicited offers at home.

DietrichDirect appreciates the opportunity to be your mailing list provider, and if you ever have any questions, just email or pick up the phone and call us.


10 Reasons Why You Should Use DietrichDirect
To Provide You With Targeted Mailing Lists.

  1. EXPERIENCE YOU CAN TRUST - We have over 15 years of experience in virtually every facet of the list business. With an intimate understanding of how the data is compiled, and an understanding of the challenges that Marketers face, we are uniquely qualified to recommend and deliver the best mailing list to you at the best price! We know how to listen and assist you in solving your challenges in the most cost-effective manner possible.
  2. WE "HAND PICK" OUR LIST PARTNERS - As one of the most important components to direct mail success, we maintain outstanding collaborative relationships with the very best list compilers and list managers in the list industry. Our common goals are to create and maintain the very best lists with outstanding service and quality.
  3. ONE CALL IS ALL IT TAKES - We are a full-service list brokerage providing comprehensive list services: strategy development,demographic profile development, list research, acquisition, list enhancement services, and database/supression list management solutions.
  4. DIETRICHDIRECT: THE DIRECT MARKETING AGENCY BEHIND EVERY LIST YOU BUY - DietrichDirect not an internet business. We are a Direct Marketing Agency. We sell lists because they are inextricably tied the other aspects of the direct marketing process. In order for us to make our clients successful, we partner with, and "hand pick" the very best marketing mailing lists the industry offers. So, even if you order just lists from us, you benefit from our experience and multi-dimensional approach.
  5. FANATICAL ABOUT SERVICE - Service is the cornerstone of our business. When you call, you get a live person...and we get the information you need (counts, research, pricing) back to you quickly...if not instantly. Our goal is to make your list purchase as simple as possible. And we do that with great service, thorough communication and insightful account management - that's what DietrichDirect is all about!
  6. COMPETITIVE PRICING - Because of our relationships with list compilers and managers themselves we are able to provide you with low pricing and discounted rates for volume purchases.
  7. TECHNOLOGY? YEA, YOU MIGHT SAY WE KNOW THAT WORD - So much of what we do in the List industry depends on technology. Knowing how to best leverage the benefits, and avoid its shortcomings is fundamental to the way we operate...and fundamental to your list buying experience. Despite the robustness of our online counts, ordering system and other application tools, you may prefer to pick up the phone and call us...No problem! We're here to help.
  8. WE BRING YOU PEACE OF MIND - Everyone claims "quality," but DietrichDirect delivers quality with substance...not rhetoric. Excellence...not mediocrity. We are intimately familiar with the list industry and are aware of the techniques & processes that produce quality, accurate and timely mailing lists. Our experience = your peace of mind.
  9. ONE GOAL...MAXIMIZE YOUR RETURN ON MARKETING INVESTMENT (ROMI) - We have a keen understanding of the challenges that Marketers face, making certain that the audience (the list) is in harmony with the creative, the timing and execution...Its not just a list sale...we take an interest in the other aspects of your direct mail project as well...and all with one goal in common: to maximize your Return On Marketing Investment.
  10. DIETRICHDIRECT...GREAT VALUE! - Our combination of expertise, service, and competitive pricing makes DietrichDirect a great value. So why not give us a call and see for yourself.

How To Buy Mailing Lists

Ever wondered about the world of mailing lists? Well, if you read on, we're gonna tell you all about it. Why? Because the mailing list is arguably the single most important factor in your direct mail effort. Mediocre creative and copy anchored by a great list will always outperform the obverse.

Mailing lists can be categorized into two basic types:

  • Compiled Lists
  • Response Lists
Compiled Lists

Compiled lists are derived from sources of information such as public records or other sources that may or may not be public, like vehicle registrations, phone books,public directories, trade directories etc..you get the picture.

List managers who do the compiling attempt to glean as much information as possible from their sources. Their efforts to build a robust a record allow us to select names of individuals or businesses that have certain characteristics, such as all the Pediatric Orthodontists in Atlanta, GA, and who are therefore likely to respond to our offer for Pediatric Orthodontic supplies. We infer that they are likely respondents because of who they are. Other examples include everyone individual living in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, or any business in Portland, Maine with fewer than 20 employees.

How reliable are compiled lists? Well...like an economist would answer...it depends.

Think about it ...if you were to compile a list of everyone within, say, a 1 square mile of your house, how long to you think it would take for that list to become unreliable? Not long...

Compiled lists have the shelf life of vegetables...

This means that they need to be constantly updated...and like everything in life, you've got the good, bad and the ugly when it comes to managing the update process.

Generally speaking the more sources that go into the updating process, the greater the ability to cross-reference for accuracy and integrity when analyzing any given piece of information...

At this point, we'll gratuitously pitch our own Consumer Databank, Business Databank, Resident Databank, Mortgage Databank and New Mover Databank list products as being multi-sourced, frequently updated and therefore, highly accurate!

Response Lists

Response lists, on the other hand, are derived from gathering information about people who have responded to an ad, or who have purchased from a catalog, direct mail offer, TV, radio, email offer etc.

Their propensity to respond to your offer is therefore derived from an assessment of their past purchase / response behavior. It is important to note that individuals and businesses may be potential candidates for your offer because of past behavior toward complementary goods and services and/or substitute goods and services.

Other lists such as Magazine Subscribers, Catalog Lists, Trade Association Lists, Trade Show Lists are arguably hybrids of both basic categories, sharing the characteristics of both.

Ski, Old House Interiors, The Herb Quarterly.

There are over 10,000 magazines in print and online and for most products or interests, you can probably find a Magazine Subscriber List that goes straight to the most perfectly suited audience. If you're selling hydroponic equipment for the home gardening crowd, then the subscriber list for the Herb Quarterly Magazine might be worth testing.

Coach Leather, L.L. Bean, Land's End, Pottery Barn.

Catalogers also derived revenue from the sale of their mailing list...and provided that your product or service doesn't compete too directly with their products, you might be able to rent their list. But if your company sells high end leather handbags and accessories, the kind folks at Coach Leather might think twice about letting you use their list...

You'll see this quite often for many mailing lists..."Sample piece required prior to mailing."

National Association of Manufacturers, Pet Sitters International.

Trade Associations and Trade Show Lists are also good sources for individuals or businesses interested in your product or service. These folks share a common belonging...that being a profession, a hobby or other interest.

Customer Profile Analysis, Customer Segmentation Analysis.

Whatever type of mailing lists you end up with, you always start by asking yourself what groups, characteristics and/or, behaviors make up your perfect audience. Then you either find the lists yourself, or you employ the expertise of a list broker (well, okay...like DietrichDirect) to help you find the right list.

Often, you may need analytical help in figuring out just who your customers are. That typically involves an analysis of your current customer database whereby your customer records are compared against a large universe of consumers or business in attempt to find record level matches. You may know that John Smith on Main St is one of your customers...but you may not know anything else about him. A demographic analysis attempts to find out as much information about John Smith as possible...and similarly, the process repeats itself for all your customers. Then, the information is examined for commonalities, trends, patterns, as well as dissimilarities...the goal being that you will be identify with you your best, worst and typical customers.

The Best List of All...And We Don't Have It?

Of course, the best list of all is YOUR own customer list of current and past customers. They're the folks that bought something from you...and the very same folks who are likely to repeat their purchase behavior with you...but you have to let them know about your products! Identify and segment your customers for cross / next / up sell opportunities...these are by far your cheapest acquisition...you've already got them...they're free!

Important Considerations and List Myths...

Here are several important considerations regarding your quest for the perfect list:

  1. How was the list compiled?
  2. What about Recency? - Because recency is perhaps the single most important factor in determining future purchase behavior, ask how recent the individual or business made the purchase if considering a response list. Also, it's important to understand whether they were actually purchases or inquiries.
  3. Along these same lines, ask about the frequency of the purchase behavior...some lists will have a multi-buyer select, indicating that this person has used the product or service on an ongoing basis. And ask about the monetary aspect...what was the average sale, or ticket...doesn't this all sound familiar? Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value? Remember RFM from your textbooks? Well, it applies to lists as well.
  4. How often is the list updated? and run through standard data hygiene process such as Delivery Point Validation and/or the National Change of Address update? For example, our Chapter 7 Bankruptcy list is NCOA'd on the day we place the order, giving us the best shot at timely delivery to the individual listed.
  5. How is the data verified for accuracy? Anecdote...there are a bunch of companies marketing products to the senior citizen crowd that think my mother lives in our home...and they've been thinking that for years because I get a lot of mail from them. Wasted money...and in some cases, these companies put pretty expensive packages in front of me. I'm not my mother...or so the saying goes.
  6. Who has used the list? Does it appear that the list is used a lot?...and perhaps you could be buying a list suffering from fatigue?
  7. What data selects are available? (Geography, gender, income, etc.)
  8. What is the rate of deliverability? Usually, most list compilers are in the 95-99% range, which is acceptable...anything lower you could end up with a pile of mail back in your mailroom.
  9. Ask about net name arrangements. Net name arrangements mean that you only pay for names you use for your mailing after comparing the file you buy from the list broker with a file your keep internally...that could be a master suppression list comprised of current customers, do not mails, recently mailed prospects etc.
  10. Expect list failure to be a part of your experience. What?...you're kidding right?...No, we're serious. There's a precious 4 letter word in direct mail marketing and it's called TEST. In order to be successful over the long term with direct mail marketing, you've got to constantly TEST. Test different lists...test different creative, offer and content...test, test, test. The very nature of this "testing" activity implies that you will fail to achieve desired results from time to time. This is what makes you a better marketer, and thus increases your future chances of success - learning from your mistakes. If you're not prepared to fail on occasion, then direct marketing is not for you. On the other hand, if you understand the risks and understand the commitment needed for long term success, then we can help you. Our goal is maximize your Return on Marketing Investment...that also means making list recommendations that minimize failure.

Believe us...this stuff matters!

But that's why were here...to answer all these tough questions...and to make sure your getting the most targeted, most up-to-date list for the lowest price possible.

Finally...A Few List Myths

  1. A list with the most records doesn't necessarily constitute a quality list.
  2. An expensive list doesn't mean quality or higher response either...remember, the most important goal in direct marketing is to maximize your response!
  3. Unlimited usage deals aren't always a bargin...particularly if everyone else is doing the same thing as you are...using the list a bunch of times...we call that churn...and your response will most likely be marginal.

This article presents some of the fundamentals for buying and selecting lists. Of course, nothing beats the experience and knowledge of knowing who your customers are, and then knowing where to find the right list. And if you've gotten to this point in our article, we think you're in a good position to get started.

How may we help you?

Our List Guarantee Fine Print.

DietrichDirect stands behind their lists! We have used every effort within our control to provide accurate mailing lists to you. We guarantee our Resident Databank list to be 100% deliverable via the USPS. All other mailing lists have a guaranteed deliverability rate of 95%.

Does this mean that 5% of the mail won't be delivered? No. It simply means that due to our reliance on address quality data from the US Postal Service, certain factors that we can't control make it impossible to ensure that 100% of the mail will be delivered. Please note...while there are Delivery Point Validation processes that can ensure your mailing is 100% deliverable according to the USPS, the costs of such performing such routines against a mailing list file in most cases outweigh the benefit of validating additional addresses.

Should you experience returned mail in excess of the percentages above, we will refund postage on pieces in excess of our guarantee.

DietrichDirect's liability for postage refunds is limited to returned mailing pieces (nixies) received in our office within 45 days of invoice date. Outgoing postage will be refunded at the minimum bulk rate in effect at the time of mailing for all undeliverable mail in excess of our guarantee. Postage refunds do not apply to additional copies of the list supplied at the same time. Refunds or adjustments based on the quantity of undelivered mail returned by the USPS are limited to: expired forwarding order, moved - left no forwarding address, deceased, addressee unknown, unclaimed, box closed.

Our liability shall be restricted solely to the cost of the list, since this is the only part of the direct marketing effort in our control. DietrichDirect, LLC, does not guarantee the outcome of any mailing utilizing the names rented from us. In no event shall DietrichDirect, LLC be liable for postage charges (except as specified above) and/or print and mailing costs. Nor shall DietrichDirect, LLC be liable for telephone charges for any inaccuracies in a telemarketing list.. Neither shall DietrichDirect, LLC be held responsible for punitive or compensatory damages resulting from loss of potential revenue.

Business Lists? Residential Lists? Consumer Lists?

Call us today and let DietrichDirect be YOUR list company!



For Information Regarding Any List Products Or For A Free, No Obligation Consultation, Please Call Us Or Use The Form Below. A Helpful List Advisor Will Contact You Immediately And Will Assist You In Meeting Your Objectives.

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