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How to Order a Census Tract Maiing List
Census Tract Mailing List


If You Need To Identify The Address Of Every Single
Household And / Or Business Within Any Census Tract, Census Block Group, or Census Block, We'll Reveal How To Do It In 3 Easy Steps

Let DietrichDirect help you get what you really need from your Census Tract research - the names and addresses of every household and business within your Census Tracts, Census Block Groups or even Census Blocks - any census based geography...we can precisely pinpoint your prospects.

Sure, having a map of a census tract can be handy...but what we've found is that businesses often need more information than just a map. They want to know who lives or does business within a certain Census Tract or other Census boundary- and they need to have the ability to contact them - typically through Direct Mail.

If you need to reach households or businesses within given Census Tracts, Cenus Block Groups or Census Block, we can help.

We'll Transform A Static Census Tract Map Into A Marketing Opportunity!

How do we do it?

As a leading provider of Consumer, Residential, Occupant and Business Data, we have created a unique process that overlays this valuable information onto the Census geographies you provide us.

The result is not just a static map...but an address / contact list of every single household or business within that census boundary!

A Completely New Prospecting Opportunity!

Our Census Tract, Block Group, Block List Development Process is perfect for:

  • Credit Unions participating in the Serving the Underserved Program
  • Banks and other financial entities that are accountable to regulatory statutes
  • Identifying businesses within economic empowerment zones delineated by census tracts
  • and many more great uses.

Here's our simple 3 step process:

  1. Call or send us your listing of census tracts, census block groups or census blocks;
  2. Discuss your requirements with our list advisors;
  3. Order your list and an pdf map of your census tract(s) is FREE!

Phone: 800.798.4572
Live Chat: - Census Tract List Advisors (Online Now!)

Order Today And Let Us Turn That Plain Old Census Tract Map Into Actionable Knowledge!


One very important note about Census Tracts and other Census based lists...We have found on several occasions that our clients initially believed they needed census tracts for the development of their prospect marketing lists and for subsequent mailing purposes, when in fact they didn't. Many believe that census tracts are the way that typical mailing lists are developed, and that the US Postal Service is somehow involved in the process. The USPS has nothing to do with Census Tracts and other census geographies. Census Tracts are geographies developed by the Census Bureau. Furthermore, the USPS does not offer postage discounts according to Census Tracts or other census geographies. Rather the USPS offers postage discounts according to their own set of delivery geographies, such as Carrier Routes and Zip Codes etc.

Some organizations do develop prospecting efforts by census tracts, such as banks that are required to comply with Fair Lending Laws and other Federal Regs, but the larger majority of clients don't need census tracts when developing a list of prospects in a particular area. The geography that is most applicable, and most advantageous to the typical direct marketers are postal geographies. If this raises questions in your mind, visit our page on Carrier Route Maps and Radius Mapping. If you still have questions and need guidance...hit the chat button and ask us for help in deciding!

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