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Way More Than a Printing Service!

When you choose DietrichDirect for your printing needs, you're choosing a partner that understands precisely why you're printing and mailing in the first place - to drive qualified prospects to your business.

And while many printers are proud to describe in great detail the printing process - with terminology like CMYK, 300 line screens, proper image resolution and full bleeds - what they're less likely to describe for you is exactly what it takes to compel and persuade your audience to respond.

That's because printing companies' main focus is usually ink on paper. NOT direct response marketing. NOT copywriting. NOT list development. And sometimes not design/creative either.

With DietrichDirect, we'll take care of all the printing process details and guarantee you beautifully printed full color direct mail postcards, brochures, envelopes and letters using the latest printing technologies. (If you want to know more about our printing capabilities and the press technologies we use see our printing services capabilities page.)

Most importantly however, you'll get our undivided focus when it comes to creating and developing a direct mail piece that persuades and compels your audience to respond to your offer..

In addition to our using the very latest Full Color printing technologies, our strengths in Copywriting and Creative design are firmly rooted in our nearly two decades experience as direct response marketers.

We call these the Three C's - Copy, Creative, and Color:

Are You Looking At Your Copy From Your Readers' Perspective...Or Yours?

How you say your message - the tone and voice of the Copy - is far more important in capturing the attention of your targeted audience than nearly any other criteria. You can put the most beautifully printed, technically accurate postcard in front of your audience, but if your copy is stale or weak, or fails to present your offer in an irresistably compelling way, you are simply wasting your time and money.

Our experience across many industries and many selling situations (such as B2C and B2B, customer vs. prospect etc ) ensures that your audience is presented to in a voice that communicates precisely your desired image, your specfic offer, and most importantly compels them respond.

Clean Design That Builds Trust and Adds Credibility

Our experienced creative design team then augments the copy and offer framework in a visually appealing manner. They capture the voice of the copy and project it visually to portray your business and your offer.

Together, the Three C's work synergistically and with your specific audience in mind so as to have the greatest impact on driving response.

Was Your Last Direct Mail Campaign Just a Contribution to Clutter?

So what about templates? No doubt that if you've tried direct mail with traditional online printing companies, you've been conditioned to seeing templates galore. Many of our clients have immediately asked for templates to "pick from."

The reality is that while we do have templates that are suitable to specific industries and may be appropriate to specific selling situations, we've found that in most cases, off-the-shelf templates (where your name and logo are overprinted onto a pre-designed postcard with salesy, predictable and sometimes corny copy) fail to motivate your audience to respond. If fact, it's possible, depending on where your business is located, that one of the reasons why response was poor using one of these solutions for your direct mail campaign was because someone else had already used it in your area!

Pre-designed templates are nothing more than short cuts. Traditional online printing companies like them because they avoid the hard work and expertise that is required to communicate persuasive, compelling and memorable copy and creative. By letting you "pick your template" they get to focus on what they do best - and that is putting ink on paper as cheaply as possible and as many times as possible.

Although there's nothing wrong with their choice of business model, we don't believe that it will serve your business model well. It's just something to think about when you're asking yourself, "What do I need to do to make sure I maximize my response?" And we like to think we have the answer. Hint: It's much much more than colorful inks on paper.

So, templates are fine for getting a general idea about what you want to say to your audience, but we don't think short cuts are in your best interest when trying to get your message through the clutter. In fact, so much of what we see with respect to template driven printing is just clutter.

With DietrichDirect, our direct mail printing services include:

  • A FREE marketing analysis - where we review with you where you've been, what you're doing now and where you want to go in the future. We look at your prospective direct mail campaign, NOT like other printing companies do - in isolation, as an order in their shop - but rather with respect to your other media and advertising efforts, such as what you're doing on the web, other electronic media like email and more traditional advertising.

  • FREE copywriting and creative / design services. We look at everything! Your list (which hopefully we helped you develop), your offer, your image, your market your branding, your competition - everything. Then we brainstorm with you - ideas, headlines, taglines, style and design approaches, formats (whether postcards, brochures, sales letters etc.) In most cases, we'll have a design idea back to you in a day or two, and it will be exactly specfic to your company, offer, voice, and brand. Compare that to picking stale, overused templates with anemic copy!

  • If you have your own artwork - that's fine too! And though we're normally not predisposed to offering unsolicited advice on submitted artwork when it comes to copy/creative style approach, we will review it for FREE...but only if you ask us to! Of course, if we see typos / grammar / image / graphic errors we won't hold back...we'll let you know!

  • To Get Started With Your Postcard Mailing Project, Simply Pick Up The Phone and Call Us Or Complete the Form Below.

    A Helpful Direct Marketing Advisor Will Contact You Immediately and Will Assist You with Your Project Details.

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