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Our NCOA Services Satisfy the USPS Requirements that You Update Your Mailing Lists Every 90 Days if You Want to the LOWEST Postage Rates.


And it's Only $39 Flat - The LOWEST Pricing We've Found.No Software. No Learning Curve. No Hassles. Clear Results.

Throw it Over the Fence, and We'll Throw it Back to You - All Cleaned Up.


Our 48 Month National Change of Address Process Gets Your Mailing List Ready For
Maximum Postal Discounts


And It's Done and Delivered Back To You The Next Business Day!
(If You Need Same Day - or Same Hour - We've Got That Too!)

Want to Learn How To Get Free NCOA Processing? Read On...

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The 3 Processes You Need In Order To Get The Lowest Postage Discounts

The lowest postal discounts the postal service allows are only available if:

1) You have demonstrated (via certified software or service) that your mailing list is "clean and accurate." This is known as CASS Certification and the USPS form that proves this is Form 3553. Visit our CASS Certification page for more information on this service. Our CASS & List Clean Up Service is Only $39.

2) You have demonstrated (via service or other approved means) that you know where your mailing list recipients have moved to, if they have moved at all. The USPS requires you to show that you have passed your file against their NCOA database, and thus making the necessary changes to ensure that you mail to Mr. Jones where he lives "now." They require that you demonstrate this every 90 days if you want to get the lowest postage rates. Our NCOA Processing Service is available for only $39.

3) You have demonstrated (via certificed software or service) that your mailing list has been sorted and organized properly for a mailing. This is known as PAVE Certification. This process is capable of sorting your mail in an optimizing fashion and producing all of the reports necessary to submit your mailing, even the tags required for your trays of mail. It's the software / service that creates the mailing using your "clean and accurate" list records. It is commonly called "Presorting." Visit our Presort Service page for more information. Our Presort Processing Service is available for only $39.

4) But wait...we said there are only 3 processes. We did...and that's true. But the 4th thing you need is the "permission" to mail at bulk rates - the low rates - that the postal service offers. In order to get this permission, you have to have a bulk mail permit. This "permission slip" is good for a year and the USPS currently charges $235. And if you don't want to stick stamps on your mail or run your mail through a postage meter, the USPS also charges another $235 for a permit fee. This gives you the ability to imprint a stamp - called an indicia - on your mail pieces...this saves a lot of time. Download the USPS form 3615 - Permit Application.

If You Need All 3 services AND You Have Your Own Bulk Mail Permit and You Want to Prepare Your Own Mailing - We Can Provide You With All 3 Services - CASS, Presorting and NCOA Services - For Only $89
That's a $28 Savings!

Here's how our NCOA processing service will benefit you:

1) Reduces your returned mail and speeds delivery!
2) Enables you to qualify your mail for postage discounts
3) Generates better return on your marketing/mailing investment.
4) Generates more revenue from your customer list.

Before you claim automation/postage discounts you must show that you've passed your mailing list aginst the USPS NCOA Database to identify individuals, families, and businesses who:

  • Moved and filled out a USPS Change of Address Form. (Moved - with forwarding address)
  • Moved but never provided a COA to the USPS (Moved - left no forwarding address).
  • Do not match 100% to the NCOALink Database - but close...
    We'll return these records with the move effective date as well as the code that will explain why a new forwarding address could not be provided with the record. These are called "Nixies."

Here's what our service will tell you about each address record in your database and what you get when the process completes:

1) Whether or not the address provided matches an address in the USPS database

2) Valid address records will be checked against the USPS National Change of Address database for addresses changes going back 48 months. Any matches will be appended with the most recent information as to where the person now resides.

3) Corrects rural style addresses and corrects or adds apt/suite/unit #s

4) Identifies undeliverable mail and identifies the records that were updated with new addresses.

5 ) Non-validated/non certified address will be appended with an error message that explains what type of address error exists. This is necessary if you plan to correct the bad addresses manually.

6) Your original data will be returned with any additional fields "appended" to the end of the existing record. We never overwrite any original data.

7) You will also receive documentation that explains the error messages and how to interpret the results of the processing.

8) Importantly, you wil receive unlimited access to our staff of postal experts, who are intimately familiar with all aspects of our list cleanup services and how they might impact your business.

Here's why you want to use our NCOA services:

1) Let's face it...$39 is a great price for National Change of Address Processing. We scoured our competitors and frankly, our pricing is the lowest around. (pricing applies up to 5,000 records). Call for low rates beyond 5K records.

2) Our service is next day. No pleading with IT or messing around with updates and software. Just send us the files through our secure connection and get the file back the next business day when submitted before 4pm EST. If you need same day (or same hour!) processing let us know. We can accomodate you.

3) If your database is larger than 5,000 records or if you need faster than next day delivery, DietrichDirect maintains a hosted remote processing service that is fully automated 24 hrs a day/ 7 days a week. Call us to discuss your needs and requirements and we'll help you get the job done.

4) The other important reason is that we present your file back to you in an easy to understand / well documented Excel formatted file. If you don't do this process very often, just untangling and understanding all of the changes that were made to your file can be confusing. A lot of NCOA processing providers will convert your file to something that their servers and programs understand...and then they'll return that file back to you in a manner that requires a lot of untangling and explaining. When we return your file, it is in the same order you sent it us, it has clearly labeled columns, clear explanations of those columns and everything is in a very easy to understand format. If you get your file and you want a quick recap of what you're looking at, then pick up the phone and call us...we'll explain everything to you in simple terms and you can get on your way with using the data.

How can I get Free NCOA Service?

It's simple. Order any our of printing services (postcards, brochures etc) using your list, and any of the above services are FREE. FREE CASS and Cleanup. FREE Presort Service. FREE NCOA Service.

How do I get started?

Call us. Email us. Chat with us. Or fill out the form below and upload your file(s)!

Phone: 800.798.4572
Email: ncoa@dietrich-direct.com
Live Chat: - NCOA Advisors (Online Now!)

We'll discuss your list processing needs:
  • your file(s) and their current format
  • any special requirements or details
  • the output file you require back from us.
  • turn times required

Square away the payment information:

  • Discuss our current promotions and how you could save even more money
  • You'll get an invoice and payment authorization for (Visa/MC/AMEX)
  • We'll also need for you to download, fill out and sign the following USPS required form: USPS NCOA Acknowledgment Form Needed for NCOA Services.

Get Started Saving Money on Postage and Improving the
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