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USPS NCOA Processing Acknowledgment Form (PAF)


Download the Form Here (PDF format): USPS NCOA Processing Acknowledgment Form


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Why do I need to fill out the NCOA acknowledgment form (PAF) when getting the NCOA done on my file?

In short, because the USPS requires it.

You must complete the form and provide it to the processor prior to the NCOA processing being done on your list. Completing and signing the form means you will comply with the rules governing the use the NCOA information that will be appended to your file.

The only reason/use for NCOA processing is to keep your mailing list current. It must not be used to create a mailing list of new movers,


Get NCOA Processing Done on Your File for only $39
Up to 10,000 records!

Does DietrichDirect Provide NCOA Processing Services?

We sure do.Only $39 for up to 10,000 records processed and returned usually in a business day.

Here's why you want to use our NCOA services:

1) Let's face it...$39 is a great price for National Change of Address Processing. We scoured our competitors and frankly, our pricing is the lowest around. Those companies offering "free" NCOA processing aren't really free either if you look a bit further into what they're offering... Our pricing applies up to 10,000 records. Call for low rates beyond 10M records. Our service is FREE however, if you print/mail with us... the cleanup of your file is included.

2) Our service is next day. No pleading with IT or messing around with updates and software. Just send us the files through our secure connection and get the file back the next business day when submitted before 3pm EST. If you need same day (or same hour!) processing let us know. We can accomodate you.

3) If your database is larger than 10,000 records or if you need faster than next day delivery, DietrichDirect maintains a hosted remote processing service that is fully automated 24 hrs a day/ 7 days a week. Call us to discuss your needs and requirements and we'll help you get the job done.

4) The other important reason is that we present your file back to you in an easy to understand / well documented Excel formatted file. If you don't do this process very often, just untangling and understanding all of the changes that were made to your file can be confusing. A lot of NCOA processing providers will convert your file to something that their servers and programs understand...and then they'll return that file back to you in a manner that requires a lot of untangling and explaining. When we return your file, it is in the same order you sent it us, it has clearly labeled columns, clear explanations of those columns and everything is in a very easy to understand format. If you get your file and you want a quick recap of what you're looking at, then pick up the phone and call us...we'll explain everything to you in simple terms and you can get on your way with using the data.

How can I get Free NCOA Service?

It's simple. Order any our of printing services (postcards, brochures etc) using your list, and any of the above services are FREE. FREE CASS and Cleanup. FREE Presort Service. FREE NCOA Service.

How do I get started?

Call us. Email us. Chat with us. Or fill out the form below. Hint: The fastest way is to hit the chat button...someone will be there to get you started right away!

Phone: 800.798.4572
Email: ncoa@dietrich-direct.com
Live Chat: - NCOA Advisors (Online Now!)

We'll discuss your list processing needs:
  • your file(s) and their current format
  • any special requirements or details
  • the output file you require back from us.
  • turn times required

Square away the payment information:

  • Discuss our current promotions and how you could save even more money
  • You'll get an invoice and payment authorization for (Visa/MC/AMEX)
  • We'll also need for you to download, fill out and sign the following USPS required form: USPS NCOA Acknowledgment Form Needed for NCOA Services.

We'll then send you a secure link to upload your file(s) to us.

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