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How to Order a Consumer Maiing List

Do You Want You Want to Know How To Get The Exact Name And Address Of Every Person Who Is Ever Likely To Become One Of Your Customers...For Half The Price You'll Find Elsewhere? Use our Consumer Mailing List Database.


DietrichDirect's Consumer Databank database DELIVERS!

Put your message in front of the consumers that are most likely to buy your product or service by using DietrichDirect's Consumer database!

What Makes DietrichDirect's Consumer Database THE PREMIER Source for US Consumers?

Our Consumer Mailing List database is a multi-sourced, data-enriched file of transaction, response-driven and census-based elements that are geographically and demographically selectable.

So...what exactly does all this mean?

Let's take it apart...

Our Consumer Mailing List Database is Multi-Sourced.


First...the term "multi-sourced"...Unlike other consumer files, our Consumer Database is the result of multiple "foundation" files being merged together, along with many other secondary source files. Billions of records across 100+ different sources are used in this process.

This methodology creates a system of checks and balances...record by record...ensuring that information from each of the files is compared for integrity, validity and accuracy prior to it being allowed as a part of the overall record.

Having multiple foundation files to build upon is unique...and important to you...because you get a best of breed file that is the most complete and accurate file of its kind in the market today!

Our Consumer Mailing List Database has Layer Upon Layer of Rich Demographic Information.


Next...our file contains transaction, response-driven and census-based elements.

These are what makes our file tick...and deliver you qualified prospects!

Our Consumer Databank contains actionable information on over 100 million households and 260 million individuals  brought together "relationally." Transactional information includes activities (i.e home purchases, product and service purchases etc) undertaken by individuals and by households. Response activities include actions taken at both levels such as surveys, sweepstakes, warranty registrations and other self-reporting media. Census-based observations and statistics are used to enhance the availabilty of individual and household demographics selections.

We are also proud to introduce a behavioral information component to our consumer database. This 60 million household subset compiled from response surveys and interactive sources serves to complement our consumer database by introducing psychographic data that defines the lifestyle characteristics, behavior and product interests of individuals whose social roles, activities, hobbies and habits can be matched to a specific offer and provide insight into their purchasing likelihood. Call us for more details and how to best integrate this into your prospecting & direct marketing efforts. 

DietrichDirect Saves You Money with Precise Targeting Capabilities!


Finally, the demographic and geographic selectability...helping you create the best audience for your message!

DietrichDirect's consumer mailing list database has over 100 demographic/geographic selections available. And our "lifestyle categories" that allow you to select by:  Affluent Households, Computer Owners, Upscale Seniors and Grandparents, Hispanic Households, people interested in Investment and Finance; Mortgage-holders, and many more unique segments. 



Best of all, you can develop and purchase your own prospect list of consumers minutes with the help of our expert list advisors!

But we want you to know that we're here to help offline should you ever have any questions or need our assistance. If you are not sure about ordering lists online...DONT!...instead, call us and we'll gladly help you. We want you to be successful.

Here's a List of Demographic & Geographic Selections Available to Help Build Your List.
(** Indicates Demos Included in Base Pricing Above. Pricing is Included for All Others.)


  • **Age (exact age and age ranges are available. Month of birth is available for an additional charge.)
  • **Income (exact and ranges are available)
  • **Homeowner (owner or renter)
  • **Presence of Children (age ranges and genders - see below)
  • **Dwelling Type (single family or multi-family dwellings)
  • **Marital Status (single or married)


  • Childrens' ages and genders (exact age and gender available - requires mailpiece approval) - $.01 each record
  • Head of Household Age (when month of birth is required, otherwise see free option above) - $.01 each record
  • Length of Residence - $.01 each record
  • Year Home Built - $.01 each record
  • Households with Veterans - $.01 each record
  • Newlyweds - add $.02 each record
  • We have more household based demographics available so ask us if you don't see the parameter you are looking for.


  • Length of Residence - $.01 each record
  • Year Home Built (year to year ranges are available) - $.01 each record
  • Mortgage Type (FHA/VA and others) - $.012 each record
  • Mortgage Interest Rate - $.012 each record
  • Mortgage Amount - $.012 each record
  • Mortgage Date - $.012 each record
  • Wealth / Net Worth (ranges up to 2.5MM+) - $.015 each record
  • Investor Propensity (From Very Likely to Very Unlikely) - $.01 each record
  • We have more housing and mortgage related demographics available so ask us if you don't see the parameter you are looking for.


  • Hobbies and Interests (Politics, Sports, Hobbies - ask your list advisor what you're looking for) - $.015 each record
  • Ethnicity (sample mailpiece is required) - $.015 each record
  • Religion (sample mailpiece is required) - $.015 each record
  • Language Preference in the Household - $.015 each record
  • Occupations (contact us for a list of occupations) - $.015 each record
  • Technology Adopters (Heavy Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn Users - $.025 each record
  • Voter Registration/Party Affiliation (where available) - $.015 each record
  • We have many more demographics available so ask us if you don't see the parameter you are looking for.


  • Telephone #s are available to output at an additional $.025 each record. However, we require you to provide us with your SAN# information that you need to obtain from the FTC's Do Not Call Registry. We provide phone #s that are not on the most recent Do Not Call Registry database ("scrubbed"). But, you must still check the #s yourself prior to dialing. Information about how to telemarket to individual consumers can found at the FTC's website (click here).


  • DietrichDirect has email addresses available on our consumer database. If you want a count of email addresses meeting any of the criteria above, the ask your list advisor for help. They can explain to you how the process works. 


  • **Zipcodes
  • **Cities
  • **States
  • **Counties
  • **SCF (3 digit zipcode ranges)
  • **Carrier Routes
  • **MSA/CBSA (census boundaries)
  • **Area Codes
  • **Radius (at the address level - or the zipcode level)
  • Census Tracts, Block Groups or Blocks - $.015 each record extra
  • User Defined Boundaries (for example - South of X St, North of, East of, West of, or by polygon defined by you) - $.015 each record extra

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