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Direct Mail Production.
Nationwide Network. World Class Capabilities.

When you engage DietrichDirect to manage and execute your direct mail and document outsourcing programs, you tap into a network of the very best production facilities in the nation.

In today's world of niche oriented production, you can't be all things to all people. This is particularly true of direct mail and document outsourcing fulfillment. Fitting square peg clients into round hole equipment and processes always leads to inefficiency and poor quality.

At DietrichDirect, we have over 15 years of in-depth, production-floor experience. We are familiar with virtually every aspect of what it takes to produce, fulfill and mail your offline projects as well as manage your online communications. DietrichDirect is not only intimate with the direct mail and document outsourcing production environment, more importantly, we understand what distinguishes efficiency and high quality from mediocrity.

Having our knowledge and experience

at your disposal will save you money!

You can walk through virtually any facility and see all kinds of equipment...inkjet addressing equipment, laser printers, inserters etc...but do you really understand the procedures and processes that are required to create a quality, efficient and cohesive process? We do! And that's why we're here...to ensure that your advertising and communications dollars are spent in the most productive and efficient manner possible. We hold our partner facilities to the highest standards and we know how to look beyond the equipment.

...that's the value and peace of mind we bring to you and your projects.

Here's an overview of the substance of our experience and why we have the know-how to manage all your direct marketing and document outsourcing needs:

IT/Data Processing Services Experience

  • We have managed entire IT/Data Processing departments and have been responsible for the development of processes, QA, and the purchase of DP related software and equipment;
  • Experience includes overseeing application developers whose skills and expertise included VB, .NET, ASP, JS and COBOL on a variety of platforms including mainframe, Microsoft-OS, Linux, and Unix.
  • We are intimately knowledgeable about the leading software and hardware in use today that supports the direct mail and document outsourcing industry:
  • Postal Presorting/ Data Quality Software (FirstLogic, Group1)
  • Document composition software (Sefas, Exstream, PrintSoft)
  • Document imaging systems (Oce, Xerox, IBM)
  • Middleware/connectivity software (Solimar, IBM InfoPrint Manager, Barr)
  • and MANY others
  • We also have had full network oversight responsibility including configuration, and the purchase of network hardware, internet connectivity, and network security hardware and software as it relates to the direct mail industry.
  • We have conceived and architected online customer communications and presentment applications that are in use today by leading financial institutions and utilities across the nation.


Lettershop Services and USPS Experience

  • We have assessed, and deployed inkjet addressing systems, inserting, folding and mail preparation equipment from MCS, Scitex, Roll Systems, Bowe-Bell & Howell, Phillipsburg and Pitney Bowes.
  • We have architected and deployed mailpiece level tracking systems for quality assurance and service metrics measurement
  • We have participated at local, regional and national levels within the USPS framework on projects and programs such as Confirm, MTAC, Postal Customer Council, and Advance.
  • We have intimate experience with the development of drop-shipment planning to maximize postage discounts and improve delivery and service.


Digital & Offset Printing Services Experience

  • We are fluent in the graphic arts and printing disciplines and work seamlessly with our creative talent and partner printers.
  • We have managed print buying for large and small companies in a variety of industries and for both direct marketing and document outsourcing projects.
  • We are fluent in the emerging world of digital color printing...with the composition tools and with digital color technologies.
  • We have a tremendous amount of design experience, particularly with customer communications such as statements, invoices...both online and offline.


Our knowledge and experience serves you in several ways

We know how to articulate and match your project's needs to the production process that is the most efficient. We know precisely how to move your next direct marketing or customer communications project from conception through production (and beyond).

But beyond all of the experience and knowledge we bring to bear, our service is what sets us apart.

Great Service is FREE!

DietrichDirect prides itself on great service and great quality at the best price possible. We've have over 15 years experience in virtually every aspect of the direct marketing, business communications and list industries, and we simply believe we can do it better than our competitors. That is our goal...everyday...to be better than the rest.

So when you engage us, we don't want you to be merely satisfied...we want you to be delighted! Delighted with the quality. Delighted with the service. Delighted with the results.

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