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Did My Mail Get Delivered?

When Will My Mail Get Delivered?

When We Mail Your Direct Mail Campaign, You'll Know!

And It's a FREE Service At DietrichDirect!

With DietrichDirect's Mail Tracking service, you'll know when your direct mail campaign is delivered!

The USPS has a program, called Confirm, for mailing service partners like DietrichDirect. They created Confirm to be more transparent and accountable to their postal customers...like you. They also use it for internal process improvement.

Using the Intelligent Mail barcoding technology (IM Barcodes), the USPS is able to scan your mailpieces as they move from the point of presentment all the way to your postman's mail bag. They make the information they capture along the way about your mailpiece available to us. Of course, it's not free to us...they charge for the service...but we provide it for free if you use us for printing and mailing.

Why Do You Need To Track Your 1st / Standard Class Mail?

For 1st Class Mail

  • If your cash flow is tied to your mailings and their delivery, such as statements and invoices, you should be monitoring their delivery through the USPS delivery process.
  • If you are having trouble with consistent and timely delivery to certain areas, you need our mail tracking service.
  • We can get you set up to track INBOUND mail as well. If you have remittances, you can literally determine whether or not "the check is in the mail."
  • Tracking mail helps you manage call center volume spikes, helps you help your customers by "seeing" the mail move through the USPS.

For Standard Class Mail

  • If you advertise, and you have time sensitive sale or event dates, you need our service.
  • If you advertise, and your piece will generate call volume or floor activity that you need to manage and be alerted as to when it is most likely to occur, you need our service.
  • If you advertise, and you have experienced little sales activity from a certain area, you need our service.

Here's The FREE Offer.

*If you use DietrichDirect for printing and mailing, we track random pieces within your mailing at no additional charge.

*If you don't use DietrichDirect for production services, you can have us provide tracking for your mailings. Just ask us how.

Do you track all records in the mailing?

There are case where you may want to track every single piece...but in most cases that's not necessary...here's why:

Because your mail will be presorted and bundled together according to geography, it is, in most cases only necessary that you track a small number of pieces to any given area...the premise being that if one piece made it to a certain scanning point from the bundle, then all the pieces are presumed to have made it to that point as well. Make sense?

Your service provider should be capable of appending the barocode information to the different geographies represented by your mailing file. If not, then you should be using us anyway!

Of course, we do have clients that want a barcode on every single piece, but this will cost more according to the volume. If you think this is your situation, call us and we can discuss your challenges.


Postage Is Likely The Biggest Component Of Your Overall Mailing Cost.
Maximize The Value Of Your Efforts. Track Your Mail With DietrichDirect!


For Information Regarding Our Mail Tracking Services Please Call Us Or Use The Form Below. A Helpful List Advisor Will Contact You Immediately And Will Assist You In Meeting Your Objectives.

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