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Document Outsourcing Solutions From DietrichDirect


Knowledge. Experience. Creativity. Technology.

If you are reading this you're probably interested in customer communications or statement processing solutions.

That's great...because we are too! In fact, we have over 15 years of experience helping clients maximize the value of their mission-critical documents. And we're confident we can assist you as well.

So, here's our chance to connect...

Whatever needs or challenges you may have regarding document and communciation services, we have the people, the experience, and the productive capabilities to help.

For those in many industries, the customer statement or invoice is often the only touch point it has with its customers each month...a marketer's only chance for a 1-on-1 conversation. But suprisingly, few ever realize the full marketing potential of their communication efforts.

That's where we come in...

You see, we think we deliver our clients a significant advantage over traditional service bureaus (companies that spend most of their time focusing on laser printers and inserters, rather than focusing on what really adds value to your mission-critical documents...and your relationship with your customer).


Because we deliver the best of both disciplines.

Unmatched Marketing Expertise. World Class Production Processes.

We are intimately familiar with both. We know what it takes to put your best foot forward each and every time you communicate with your customers...we also know what it takes to get your best foot in front of your customers accurately, on-time, and in the most cost-effective manner possible.

That's significant...because when you combine the two disciplines in a seamless manner, it results in a more effective relationship with your customers...plain and simple.

Which leads us to the resources we bring to bear across both disciplines. We are:

Document and Customer Communication Strategists

  • Experts who can help you assess your current communications / document strategy...or create one from scratch.
  • Experts who have developed and successfully deployed online presentment and payment solutions for the financial, utility and retail industies.

Document Designers

  • Expert review of your current document design and function;
  • Proven design experience that results in communications that are customer-serving and process efficient - A critical step that is often overlooked by traditional graphic designers with little experience in this field;
  • DietrichDirect understands what marketers and other "owners" of the customer communication process want and what technology and automation can deliver;

Application Developers

  • Experts equipped with the very best composition, data integration, data output and presentment technologies available in the industry today, such as Sefas, DOC1 and Exstream;
  • Experts who work with data sets that span our time...from legacy data to XML and everything in between...we work with it all;
  • Experts who are also experts in your business, not just theirs. Consequently when you engage our developers, they understand what you are trying to accomplish in your terms, not simply in lines of code.

Project Managers...

  • Experts who give you the confidence and peace of mind that your document project will be implemented on-time, produced with the highest quality and managed effectively;
  • Experts who work seamlessly with all of the document project "owners" and who maintain a constant flow of communication because of the impact each have on the entire process;
  • Experts who develop customized production solutions for your project and provide performance monitoring systems that put you in-touch and in control.

And Budget Watchers.

  • Experts who understand every phase your document project goes through, and the cost/value relationship that is attributable to each.
  • Experts who help you identify excesses...and opportunities for greater efficiency.
  • Experts who buy in volume from major forms and envelopes manufacturers to keep your costs low and quality high.
  • Experts who utilize every postage saving technique available, and keep you appraised of postal related developments that impact you...and your wallet.

Does this make sense?

We hope it does....and we hope that you'll call us to discuss your customer communications challenges.

DietrichDirect has expertise that is second-to-none in the following industries:

Credit Unions
  • We have provided consulting, design, deployment, and management of credit union statement production for some of the nation's largest credit unions.
  • We have architected, developed and deployed customized credit union electronic statement presentment solutions that set industry standards for security, presentment techniques, single-sign on capabilities, and marketing features.

  • We help guide several electric cooperatives through one state's complicated deregulation process by designing and developing a billing statement format that not only satisfied but exceeded regulatory requirements for billing detail on the consumer's billing statement.
  • We have architected, developed and deployed online bill image archival and retrieval solutions for utility call centers. These solutions significantly reduced the duration of call center inquiries related to the consumer billing statement.

Retail & Collections
  • We have saved money for retailers and collection organizations through re-designing, re-purposing and streamling the production of ongoing communications.
  • We have helped organizations improve their collection rates earlier by developing more effective, "urgent" content and packaging techniques.
  • We have created dynamic and personal marketing messaging techniques based on the presence or absence of certain transaction data and through the use of demographic appends. The resulting messages were specific to the account holder. This saved money by avoiding additional inserts and enhanced the value of the touch point created with the consumer.


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