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A Few Simple Things You Need To Know Before Choosing
An Online Printing Company.

Let Us Show You How We'll Give You A Better Image
Than Other Printing Companies.

First Off...We Don't Think You Belong In A Gang!

In order to squeeze every penny out of their low prices, most online printing companies run your print job at the same time with every one elses. This is called "Gang Run Printing." Gang run printing can introduce a host of challenges: from color problems, saturation issues and ghosting, to the inability to choose custom paper stocks, quantities, and colors.

Gang run printing is like getting a haircut by someone who's giving 10 other haircuts at the same time! How can that be better than 1 on 1 attention? It isn't.

When your print job hits our state-of-the-art press, it runs by itself...and has the undivided attention of our press operators.

Running your job by itself also means that we don't have to turn the place (and your wallet) upside down to accomodate any special requirements you may have, such as quantity, paper stocks, special colors etc.

We keep our prices as low as the "gang runners" because we have highly efficient printing technologies...and we have low overhead. The result? You get a much higher quality product, more options and flexibility and a better image!

Our State-Of-The-Art Printing Technologies
Produce Superior Print. Plain and Simple.

When your job goes to press at DietrichDirect, you can rest assured that every variable that can contribute to a poor quality print job has been effectively eliminated due to the unique state-of-the-art printing technologies we use.

Our all-digital printing process eliminates the steps that can introduce quality issues into your your print job. Your print job goes straight from the computer to the printing press. Plates are made ON THE PRESS itself. This ensures perfect replication of the artwork files and perfect registration.

You printed pieces will look rich and vibrant, with full color saturation and they will be in perfect registration. And remember...you job prints by itself, and has the undivided attention of our highly skilled press operators.

The proof's in the pudding...just ask us and we'll gladly rush you a sample packet of our work. You'll quickly see for yourself, our printing technology rocks!

No Outrageous Shipping Charges - Period.

Sure...the low print price looks great, but then at checkout you realize that your paying a lot more than you thought for your job. The reason? Outrageous shipping charges. This is where printing companies often make up for the very slim margins they have on the print job itself. They figure they can recoup some of their lost margin by marking up shipping. But it's still money out your pocket. And it can make a good deal seem not so good.

At DietrichDirect, you'll pay for shipping what we pay for shipping - the actual costs of our carrier (in most cases, the USPS) to get them from our facility to your address. We'll make a fair and reasonable margin where it's supposed to be made - with efficient, state of the art printing and low overhead...and not with a surprise at checkout.

Better yet...to avoid any kind of shipping charges, just let us handle the mailing of your print job for you. Often, you end up paying a lot less in money and time than if you did the whole job yourself.

Special Orders Don't Upset Us.

Need 5,136 Postcards? No problem. We can print any quantity you need. We can also print on virtually any type of paper stock to ensure you get the image and look you're after.

We understand that your audience doesn't always end up in nice round numbers. Other companies will make you buy your job in 1000 piece increments. We believe that's a waste of paper and ink - especially if you have no use for the remainder.

Even though we list our pricing in terms of nice round figures (usually 1,000 qty increments), we're able to print any quantities in between. And rest assured, there's no additional charge for custom order quantities.

The same goes for paper stocks and any other special requirements you may have. If you need another type of paper stock (for example, you want an ultra-high gloss sheet), no problem. Our graphic and design professional will work with you to get the exact look you want.


   We also offer many other printing services as well:

  • Magazine printing (we have a full bindery with collation and stitching equipment)
  • Envelopes
  • Posters
  • Rack Cards
  • Business Cards
  • Letterhead and more!

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