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7 Tips To Magnetize Your Headlines 7 Tips To Magnetize Your Headlines
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FREE Images For Your Direct Mail Campaigns From Shutterstock.com.

Shutterstock is one of the leading online repositories of high quality photos and illustrations. As part of our commitment to bringing you unheard of value, any images or illustrations that you find on the Istock website for use in any of your direct mail campaigns with us are free of charge.

Of course, many of our clients rely on us for the design and creation of their direct mail projects. However, if you wish to browse the Shutterstock collection of photography and illustrations, and you find something that you like for us to incorporate, then great!

Remember, when you're looking for suitable images you need to think about how they contribute to your campaign theme...which ultimately supports your offer or the overall goal of your campaign. It is best to approach y this in a broadly sequential manner:

  1. What is the goal of my promotion (i.e. to sell, educate, establish dialog, counteract competion)
  2. What am I promoting
  3. Who is most likely to want what I'm offering?
  4. What do they look like demographically/geographically speaking?
  5. What "triggers" will compel them to respond (needs, wants, desires)
  6. Develop several themes comprised of offer, copy and creative that will compel response.
  7. Refine and choose your overall creative/copy/offer approach (headlines are important here!)
  8. Support your copy approach with graphics (i.e. photography, illustrations, graphics)

The above is a rough approach... but normally, you should have gone through items 1-6 before you start looking for creative/images etc. Your analysis of what your trying to accomplish, and the strategy you'll employ to accomplish your goals will in most cases dictate the tone and spirit of the creative effort.

Another important point to consider...your headline ...or the wording that grabs your readers' attention, is hugely important. We can't stress this enough. Often, your creative effort and imagery/tone/feel will tie into the headline.

Too much to worry about? No problem. Let us take care of it for you. However, it's critical in the end that we develop a creative effort that precisely targets, appeals to, and compels those who your'e promoting to and what you're promoting. Thus, even though we are developing the creative, it is important that you think about this process, because we will discuss some of these ideas with you.

So, if you want to brainstorm creatively, here's the link to the IStockphoto website. You do not need to open an account! If you find photography/illustrations that you want us to use in your design, then simply jot down the ID# of the image files (each has its own ID) when you're looking at them, and then send them to us at the appropriate time. We'll take care of the rest.

(Remember the ID# of images you wish to incorporate)


A Full Service Direct Marketing and Customer Communications Agency

DietrichDirect has years of industry experience and can consult, create and manage your online and offline direct marketing and communications programs:

  • We conceive, create and execute Direct Marketing campaigns that generate qualified traffic and increase sales for our clients.
  • We architect, develop and deploy Customer Communications programs that cut costs for our clients and enhance the customer experience.
  • We are a full-service list brokerage with online access to the industry's best list databases.

Some of the arrows in our quiver that help you reach your target...

  • We are highly fluent in the leveraging of internet technologies and leading programming platforms to enhance the effectiveness of your Direct Marketing and Customer Communications strategies.
  • We have a keen understanding of the challenges that Marketers face, making certain that the delicate marriage of creative, audience, timing and execution all have one goal in common: to maximize your Return On Marketing Investment.
  • We effectively bridge what Marketers want and what Technology can deliver. We speak both "languages" - and we do it well.
  • We maintain outstanding relationships with the very best list compilers and list managers in the list industry, and we have over 15 years of experience in virtually every facet of the business. With an intimate understanding of how the data is compiled, and an understanding of the Marketing challenge, we are uniquely qualified to recommend the right list.

But most important is the relationship that we forge with you. We're not here to simply serve you, we want to delight you...by delivering great products, great service, at a fair and reasonable price. And we believe we can do it better than anybody else.

Shouldn't we be doing it for you?

Giive us a call. We're here to listen.

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