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Direct Marketing Consulting.
Experience Counts.

Not too long ago, it was unthinkable to scrutinize a marketing campaign in the same manner as say, a capital budgeting problem. "ROI? The heck with that...we're branding here!...creating buzz...and generating goodwill."

"Oh really...I thought we branded cattle..."

ROI requirements are what Finance departments at many companies are now tossing back to their marketing colleagues:

You're investing a sum of money now for an expected future return...and if you can't demonstrate that you'll earn a positive return for your marketing project, you won't get it funded.

At DietrichDirect, our goal for each and every project you engage us is to MAXIMIZE your Marketing/Advertising ROI.

And we welcome your challenge!

Our approach encompasses several important concepts each designed to maximize ROI

1) Establish campaign goals/expectations.
2) Know and manage your costs/breakeven.
3) Execute flawlessly - on message, on time and on budget.
3) Measure your responses.
4) Quantify your results.
5) Learn, adjust and adapt.
6) REPEAT! (remember that old Mktg 101 term? - FREQUENCY!)

On the surface, these are simple rules...but the fact is that many efforts fail to apply one or more of these rules.

Among the consulting services we provide:

  • Assessment and review of your current media mix;
  • Assessment and review of your current and past direct marketing efforts;
  • Needs based analysis of prospecting activities, customer loyalty and cross/up/next sell activities;
  • Development of direct mail strategy/plan that complements and integrates with your overall marketing strategy/plan;
  • Customer profile analysis to develop composite profile of current customer (and/or customer groups) and to identify any trends or changes of demographic over time;
  • List research, list acquisition and prospect database development/managment;
  • Creative and package development strategies;
  • Copywriting and content development;
  • Testing and rollout phase development , execution and management;
  • Ongoing customer communications management (online and offline);
  • Response tracking and analysis.


DietrichDirect prides itself on great service...and no, we're not planning to "revolutionize" our industry. Rather, we aim to deliver great service and great quality for the best possible price. We've have over 20 years experience in virtually every aspect of the direct marketing, business communications and list industries, and we simply believe we can do it better than our competitors. That is our goal...everyday...to be better than the rest.

So when you engage us, we don't want you to be merely satisfied...we want you to be delighted! Delighted with the quality. Delighted with the service. Delighted with the results.

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