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GIS Mapping Services For Marketers. List Hygiene Services.

DietrichDirect Understands What Marketers Want

And What Technology Can Deliver!

Like the saying, "Content is King," goes for the web..."Knowledge is King" goes for Direct Marketers...

Where does the knowledge come from? Data of course!

DietrichDirect has a multitude of services to enhance and augment the value of the Information Store you keep on your customers, and the value of your efforts to reach them.

  • We transform data into knowledge visually with the use of Geo-demographic mapping. We are experts in the use of the industry's leading GIS applications and we know how to leverage its strengths to unearth critical marketing knowledge from your data as well as our data.

Custom Mapping Services

  • We transform data into knowledge quantitatively and qualitatively through the of data hygiene techniques.

Phone Append, Reverse Append, Demographic Append,
Address Standardization
, DPV, NCOA, Merge/Purge

  • We have services that help you better understand the delivery process through the USPS after production and presentment.

Mail Tracking Service Using USPS Intelligent Mail Barcodes

DietrichDirect has a tremendous amount of expertise with data and the technologies that help us squeeze the knowledge from it. But most importantly we show you how to use the knowledge to maximize your objectives.

There are numerous "service bureaus" that you can upload a file, process it, and receive a veritable typhoon of reports back...but is that what you really needed? a pile of reports? DietrichDirect will always review the reports that are generated for you, so that we can provide you with a knowledgeable interpretation should you require one.

If you are new to data enhancement, mapping or list hygiene, call us and we'll listen to your challenge and possibly provide you with a solution.

If you are a frequent user of the data services we offer below, call us for a competitive quote. The DietrichDirect difference is our in-depth knowledge of the technologies and processes that are used to enhance your data. It's "shop talk" to us...and experience you can count on!


Here's a List of Our Great Data Services:


Custom Mapping Services

Armed with the very best software tools for GIS, and the most accurate data sets such as carrier route and zipcode polygons, street data, competitive data, and demographic data, DietrichDirect can help turn ordinary report-based data into an eye-popping visual rendering that can often show trends and patterns that didn't appear to exist on paper.

We have extensive experience with mapping for businesses. Marketers (and Executives) want the snapshot knowledge that maps can provide. Seeing areas of high customer concentrations with respect to location is extremely valuable. That's why we always recommend it to our brick & mortar clients...it's a great starting place if you "think" you know where your customers live and who they are...because we all fall prey to the "last customer through the door" syndrome when it comes to identifying with your typical customer.

Mapping is useful for:

We have performed mapping projects for Financial Institutions, Utilities (pipeline notification efforts required by the Federal Govt), Shopping/Retail, Real Estate, Restaurants, Service Franchises and many others. We have also presented topics on GIS for Marketers at various conferences.

Our output capabilities range from pdf renderings to large, wall-sized glossy maps with incredible resolution and detail. We work with you to arrive at the map you want to see.


Phone Append

Our software increases phone number accuracy for more effective telemarketing. Records are processed against two of the largest compiled databases in the country, all in one step. No other company can touch the volume and quality of our phone append processing.

Benefits of Using DietrichDirect's Telephone Number Append Service
Quality Information - We use a single file made up of multiple national databases to provide the best phone numbers and information available.

On-Time Performance - We keep our delivery time promises. In direct marketing, the importance of on-time performance is paramount. We willl not be late. Most telephone appends are done within hours of file receipt.

Quality Reports - Our Phone Append reports include a state-by-state report with the numbers of records searched and found.

Confidence Levels - Our confidence codes allow the client to tailor the quantities and quality of the telephone numbers returned.

"Do Not Call" Edits - DietrichDirect uses all "Do-Not-Call" files in the processing of your job. (FTC, State Specific and Privacy Advocate).

Verification - Using the Phone Number Verification option, we can flag your list for phone number matches. Your file must contain a phone number, and that phone number must be defined in the file definition. The entire number, including area code, must match to be considered a verified phone number.


Reverse Append Phone #s

When you supply a customer or prospect list that contains a phone number, we can return the address and occupant name for direct mail purposes.

Our software actually generate names and addresses to fit a list of phone numbers.  Reverse Phone Append program can use a client's list of phone numbers to generate a file of matching names and addresses with ZIP codes in accepted US Postal Service format.  Output may then be specifically targeted to meet your marketing needs:

This is especially useful for call centers that may drop telephone calls from time to time. We can reverse append an address and send a "sorry we missed your call" postcard...

With an address appended you can then understand household income, age, occupation, education levels, presence of children and lifestyle characteristics of your customers.  Appending demographics, behavioral and mortgage information gives you the clearest picture of who your customers really are...and to think...all you had was a telephone #!

Demographic Append

Because so much of what we do involves analyzing customer/prospect demographics, we provide this service to our outside clients.  With an enormous amount of information from our Consumer Databank and Resident Databank databases, we can append demographics to your customer file and allow you to develop a demographic profile of your best customers. You can then target and draw from a nearly endless universe from our list products. We can even code records to indicate the type of mail offer to which the individual responded.


Address Standardization (CASS & PAVE Certification)

This service is really the cornerstone of the mailing industry...If you engage us to handle you entire project, this service is included. But, from time-to-time, we have customers that need us to perform this service against their files, and it becomes a required element when doing carrier route penetration analyses.

Address Standardization helps ensure all of your mail pieces are deliverable by the post office.  It is required for automation discounts on postage rates and for barcoded or ZIP+4 presorts.  To qualify you for these discounts, Address Standardization matches your list against the USPS National Database file. 

Address Standardization changes data in the "Address" field to meet abbreviation standards set by the USPS (e.g. ST for Street, N for North, etc.) and corrects minor spelling errors.

CASS & PAVE certified software offers:

  • Address Standardization
  • Zip+4 Code Appending
  • Carrier Route Code Appending
  • Delivery Point Barcode
  • Line of Travel Information

This process first standardizes all address information, including inserting pre/post directionals and abbreviations.


Deliver Point Validation (DPV)

Delivery Point Validation enables you to verify that an actual address exists...down to the apartment or suite number.  When used with CASS certified software that matches the address to a range based ZIP+4 record, delivery point validation determines if the address can be confirmed as a specific delivery point. 

The United States Postal Service Delivery Point Validation database is updated on a monthly basis.

  • Verify existence of actual address
  • Increase savings in postage and production
  • Reduce undeliverables due to incorrect or missing data


National Change of Address Service (NCOA)

Identifies consumers and businesses who have filed a Change of Address form with the USPS within the last 48 months.


The National Change of Address (NCOA) program makes change of address information available to help reduce undeliverable mail pieces.  This service, provided by companies licensed through the United States Postal Service (USPS), provides a mailing list correction service for lists that will be used in preparation of mailings, identifying changed addresses before mail enters the mail stream.


The NCOA file, comprising approximately 113 million permanent change of address (COA) records filed with the USPS, is updated bi-weekly.  These records are retained on file for three years (36 months) from the effective date of the move.


Benefits of Using NCOA

  • Reduces the amount of mail that may be undeliverable, returned or delayed
  • Prevents the need for duplicate mail pieces or re-mailings after address corrections are received
  • Saves time and money typically associated with updating and maintaining an accurate mailing list


Merge/Purge Services

List quality is a primary concern of the direct marketing industry. If your list isn't "clean" it could cost you...a lot of money...in wasted postage and from poor perception by your customers.

DietrichDirect provides the means to improve list quality and make campaigns more effective and cost-efficient. Our Merge/Purge program merges data from multiple input files into a single file for suppression and duplicate records elimination.  The result saves money for printed materials and postage, so that direct marketing campaigns are more effective.

We offer 5 different merge/purge methodologies:


An individual merge/purge considers last name, first name, and address when determining a duplicate record (match).


When determining a match, a household merge/purge considers last name and address, including phonetic translation of the last name.  Records with unique last names and the same address are not considered a match.


An address merge/purge considers only addresses for a match, not names.  If present in the record, apartment number and rural route box number or highway contract box number must match exactly.


A custom merge/purge considers client-selected fields for matching.  Custom fields are used to define what determines a match.

Apartment/Box Numbers

Individual and Household merge/purges have two special conditions for matching apartments and rural route or highway contract box numbers.  The logic for apartment numbers states:

  • Records with no apartment/rural route/highway contract box number will compare as equals to records with an apartment/rural route/highway contract box number.
  • If both records have an apartment/rural route/highway contract box number, the numbers must match..

Which Service is Best For You?

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