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Statement Printing and Production Services.
World Class Capabilities. Experience and Service Second to None.

We're not going to start by telling you about our roll and cut sheet printing systems...or our intelligent inserters.

In the high-volume transaction print production environment, these are a given...minimum standards...like doors on a car.

Instead we'll get right to what really matters from a production standpoint...and what will have a significant impact on your project's overall success.

Quality and Timeliness.

Quality and timeliness are the backbone of every customer communication program. Your customers want accurate information and they want it in a timely fashion.

But if your current service provider isn't tracking every single record and every single printed page throughout their facility, and isn't consistently meeting service/delivery metrics that you've established, then your customers are unhappy. Errors and late mail frustrate customers. And in some cases, there are legal or regulatory ramifications.

How does your choice of provider impact this? Well...it can be as simple as the inability to detect and correct double-stuffed envelopes...or worse...the duplicate processing and mailing of entire files.

If you can relate with this and appreciate the importance of timely and accurate communications, you're at the right place.

How do we help?

DietrichDirect has exclusive partnerships with the nation's premier document production service providers. Our partners operate highly automated environments. And among the many requirements are piece and page level tracking throughout the production process. Your customer's privacy...and your stakes are simply too important.

Others that do business with our partners agree...and the list is long, with venerable organizations like the IRS, the Social Security Administration, Ford Motor Company and some of the nation's largest financial institutions.


Our world-class production environment benefits you in other ways too. Lower costs. Greater flexibility. Better information flows...and Business Continuity plans in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.

Real Value.

In other parts of this site, we talk about the value we bring to the relationship we form with you...but there's perhaps no other more critical area than customer communications where the value we add is key to your success.

We know what it takes to transform your data and move it through the production process. We can distinguish excellence from mediocrity when it comes to processes, efficiency and quality.

And, we look beyond the nuts and bolts and physical presence of the laser printers, inserters and all the other equipment that make up the production environment...

We look for the maximum value that can be extracted from them and added to your bottom line.

This is what's important....not the equipment itself. Not the means...but the end. How document production processes and systems impact you, and impact your potential for success.

This is the value we add...and it's our obligation to you when you ask for our help...to analyze your needs and recommend the production capabilities that ensure the most accurate, timely, and cost effective customer communications possible.

Peace of Mind.

Our production partners have achieved a level of excellence that is demonstrated every single day...across millions and millions of images and mailpieces. And they have the talent and resources to ensure the continuity of those objectives. That translates into peace of mind for you.

Our production capabilities are vast and span multiple facilities across the US. We have dozens of roll-fed imaging systems including VersaMark high speed inkjet printers, and multiple cut sheet laser printing systems all tied seamlessly with fully automated mail preparation equipment such as intelligent inserting systems and MLOCR presorters. In addition, Automated Document Factory (ADF) environments are created through the seamless addition of security controls, data controls, production controls and quality controls. Additional post-production services are also available via mail tracking services that utilize USPS Confirm technology.

So, if you've got a production challenge or if you need an entire document project developed and deployed, contact us for a consultation...and you'll quickly realize that the production capabilities and knowledge we possess results in maximum value to your communication project.


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