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How to Order a Waterfront Homeowners Maiing List
Census Tract Mailing List


If You Need To Identify Homes on the Water - Waterfront Homes - We are THE Source for this List Data.

This List is Perfect for Anyone Focusing Their Marketing Efforts on Waterfront Properties.

You Can Request a List by Any Geography - Including Specific Water Bodies.

You Can Also Filter by Demographics such as Homeowners, Home Value, Income and Much More.

The Precision of this List Database Means You Won't Spend Money Marketing to Homes Not Situated on a Body of Water.

Let DietrichDirect help you pinpoint homes on the water. Our proprietary process can identify every waterfront residential address point within your desired geography.

Geography Selections Available:

  • By Specific Water Bodies (by name)
  • By County
  • By City
  • By State
  • By Zipcode
  • By Census Boundaries (Tracts, Blocks, Block Groups)
  • By Radius
  • Your own defined boundary.

Demographic Selections / Filters Available (Additional Costs Apply):

  • Home Value
  • Homeowners (e.g. omit Renters)
  • Dwelling Type (e.g. Single Family Dwellings)
  • Age of Home / Year Built
  • Household Income
  • Absentee Owners (Mailing address different than Waterfront property address / Non Owner Occupied).
  • Many more!

Note: Demographics can be used as filters or we can simply output the values (without using them as filters).

Our Waterfront Homeowners Mailing List Database is THE Cost Effective Solution for Identifying Prospects Looking for Products and Services that are Uniquely Related to Their Waterfront Home Because it Eliminates Homes that are Not Situated on a Body of Water.

Here's our simple 3 step process:

  1. Hit chat, email us, use the order inquiry form below or call to initiate a discussion about your list needs;
  2. We will answer your questions promptly and provide an estimated quantity of records based on your criteria along with a quote.
  3. Order your list and it is delivered within a business day (under normal circumstances).

Phone: 800.798.4572
Live Chat: - Waterfront Homeowners List Advisors (Online Now!)

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