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Business Lists By SIC Category - Nationwide

Public Administration

SIC Codes 91 - 99


Counts updated as of
SIC Code
SIC Description
Total Count
Executive, Legislative & General Govt
9111 Executive Offices 36846
9121 Legislative Bodies 4529
9131 Executive and Legislative Combined 996
9199 General Government, Nec 14894
Justice, Public Order & Safety
9211 Courts 7727
9221 Police Protection 12633
9222 Legal Counsel and Prosecution 2680
9223 Correctional Institutions 4385
9224 Fire Protection 19647
9229 Public Order and Safety, Nec 2009
Public Finance, Taxation & Monetary Policy
9311 Finance, Taxation, and Monetary Policy 5183
Administration of Human Resource Programs
9411 Administration of Educational Programs 5909
9431 Administration of Public Health Programs 7153
9441 Administration of Social and Manpower Programs 9388
9451 Administration of Veterans' Affairs 1587
Administration of Environmental Quality & Housing Programs
9511 Air, Water, and Solid Waste Management 5213
9512 Land, Mineral, and Wildlife Conservation 12955
9531 Housing Programs 4751
9532 Urban and Community Development 1663
Administration of Economic Programs
9611 Administration of General Economic Programs 1983
9621 Regulation, Administration of Transportation 9891
9631 Regulation, Administration of Utilities 1169
9641 Regulation of Agricultural Marketing 4903
9651 Regulation, Miscellaneous Commercial Sectors 3839
9661 Space Research and Technology 88
National Security & International Affairs
9711 National Security 12679
9721 International Affairs 1473
Non-Classifiable Establishments
9999 Nonclassifiable Establishments 1

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