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Business Lists By SIC Category - Nationwide

Wholesale Trade Industries

SIC Codes 50 - 51


Counts updated as of
SIC Code
SIC Description
Total Count
Wholesale Trade - Durable Goods
5012 Automobiles and Other Motor Vehicles 11220
5013 Motor Vehicle Supplies and New Parts 33380
5014 Tires and Tubes 7228
5015 Motor Vehicle Parts, Used 8323
5021 Furniture 13199
5023 Homefurnishings 19150
5031 Lumber, Plywood, and Millwork 20660
5032 Brick, Stone, and Related Material 14651
5033 Roofing, Siding, and Insulation 3916
5039 Construction Materials, Nec 6069
5043 Photographic Equipment and Supplies 1486
5044 Office Equipment 9316
5045 Computers, Peripherals, and Software 20564
5046 Commercial Equipment, Nec 11822
5047 Medical and Hospital Equipment 23064
5048 Ophthalmic Goods 769
5049 Professional Equipment, Nec 5886
5051 Metals Service Centers and Offices 12555
5052 Coal and Other Minerals and Ores 678
5063 Electrical Apparatus and Equipment 25575
5064 Electrical Appliances, Television and Radio 5841
5065 Electronic Parts and Equipment, Nec 23522
5072 Hardware 8354
5074 Plumbing and Hydronic Heating Supplies 12070
5075 Warm Air Heating and Air Conditioning 7437
5078 Refrigeration Equipment and Supplies 3525
5082 Construction and Mining Machinery 12364
5083 Farm and Garden Machinery 12762
5084 Industrial Machinery and Equipment 47117
5085 Industrial Supplies 23269
5087 Service Establishment Equipment 23334
5088 Transportation Equipment and Supplies 6335
5091 Sporting and Recreation Goods 12824
5092 Toys and Hobby Goods and Supplies 6867
5093 Scrap and Waste Materials 8228
5094 Jewelry and Precious Stones 15708
5099 Durable Goods, Nec 31747
Wholesale Trade -Non- Durable Goods
5111 Printing and Writing Paper 1787
5112 Stationery and Office Supplies 10854
5113 Industrial and Personal Service Paper 6432
5122 Drugs, Proprietaries, and Sundries 12406
5131 Piece Goods and Notions 6541
5136 Men's and Boy's Clothing 6799
5137 Women's and Children's Clothing 9586
5139 Footwear 3040
5141 Groceries, General Line 9649
5142 Packaged Frozen Goods 1573
5143 Dairy Products, Except Dried or Canned 2790
5144 Poultry and Poultry Products 1268
5145 Confectionery 3949
5146 Fish and Seafoods 5622
5147 Meats and Meat Products 4168
5148 Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 6644
5149 Groceries and Related Products, Nec 21131
5153 Grain and Field Beans 5735
5154 Livestock 6182
5159 Farm-product Raw Materials, Nec 3812
5162 Plastics Materials and Basic Shapes 3118
5169 Chemicals and Allied Products, Nec 12337
5171 Petroleum Bulk Stations and Terminals 3935
5172 Petroleum Products, Nec 11788
5181 Beer and Ale 2436
5182 Wine and Distilled Beverages 3477
5191 Farm Supplies 17594
5192 Books, Periodicals, and Newspapers 4611
5193 Flowers and Florists Supplies 11186
5194 Tobacco and Tobacco Products 1820
5198 Paints, Varnishes, and Supplies 4010
5199 Nondurable Goods, Nec 50118

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