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Business Lists By SIC Category - Nationwide

Transporation, Communications & Utilities

SIC Codes 40 - 49


Counts updated as of
SIC Code
Total Count
Railroad Transportation
4011 Railroads, Line-haul Operating 2,479
4013 Switching and Terminal Services 582
Local & Interurban Passenger Transportation
4111 Local and Suburban Transit 3,923
4119 Local Passenger Transportation, Nec 20,615
4121 Taxicabs 7,899
4131 Intercity and Rural Bus Transportation 1,164
4141 Local Bus Charter Service 664
4142 Bus Charter Service, Except Local 1,712
4151 School Buses 2,514
4173 Bus Terminal and Service Facilities 572
Motorfreight Transportation & Warehousing
4212 Local Trucking, Without Storage 91,486
4213 Trucking, Except Local 49,242
4214 Local Trucking With Storage 7,698
4215 Courier Services, Except By Air 5,458
4221 Farm Product Warehousing and Storage 1,457
4222 Refrigerated Warehousing and Storage 1,580
4225 General Warehousing and Storage 31,599
4226 Special Warehousing and Storage, Nec 13,504
4231 Trucking Terminal Facilities 1,115
U.S. Postal Service
4311 U.S. Postal Service 25,896
Water Transportation
4412 Deep Sea Foreign Transportation of Freight 421
4424 Deep Sea Domestic Transportation of Freight 237
4432 Freight Transportation On The Great Lakes 51
4449 Water Transportation of Freight 436
4481 Deep Sea Passenger Transportation, Except Ferry 174
4482 Ferries 161
4489 Water Passenger Transportation 727
4491 Marine Cargo Handling 1,170
4492 Towing and Tugboat Service 962
4493 Marinas 6,429
4499 Water Transportation Services, Nec 3,112
Air Transportation
4512 Air Transportation, Scheduled 2,638
4513 Air Courier Services 1,427
4522 Air Transportation, Nonscheduled 2,754
4581 Airports, Flying Fields, and Services 7,487
Pipelines Except Natural Gas
4612 Crude Petroleum Pipelines 675
4613 Refined Petroleum Pipelines 463
4619 Pipelines, Nec 150
Transportation Services
4724 Travel Agencies 34,464
4725 Tour Operators 7,745
4729 Passenger Transportation Arrangement 1,375
4731 Freight Transportation Arrangement 23,677
4741 Rental of Railroad Cars 196
4783 Packing and Crating 1,925
4785 Inspection and Fixed Facilities 1,263
4789 Transportation Services, Nec 25,438
4812 Radiotelephone Communication 20,178
4813 Telephone Communication, Except Radio 35,375
4822 Telegraph and Other Communications 1,848
4832 Radio Broadcasting Stations 12,299
4833 Television Broadcasting Stations 3,802
4841 Cable and Other Pay Television Services 7,024
4899 Communication Services, Nec 16,887
Electric, Gas & Sanitary Services
4911 Electric Services 7,304
4922 Natural Gas Transmission 1,213
4923 Gas Transmission and Distribution 813
4924 Natural Gas Distribution 1,564
4925 Gas Production and/or Distribution 697
4931 Electric and Other Services Combined 621
4932 Gas and Other Services Combined 355
4939 Combination Utilities, Nec 559
4941 Water Supply 7,507
4952 Sewerage Systems 1,701
4953 Refuse Systems 18,690
4959 Sanitary Services, Nec 7,354
4961 Steam and Air-conditioning Supply 243
4971 Irrigation Systems 2,265

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