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Here are Some Important Things to Ask Any Mailing List Company Before You Purchase a Mailing List

  1. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN IN BUSINESS - We have over 20 years of experience in virtually every facet of the mailing list and direct marketing business?

  2. DO YOU CHECK YOUR LISTS AGAINST OTHER COMPILATIONS OF THE SAME FOCUS? - We maintain outstanding collaborative relationships with the very best list compilers and list managers in the list industry. We routinely compare lists and counts based on your specifications. We are not tied by agreements to selling one database over another.

  3. DO YOU OFFER PRINTING AND MAILING SERVICES AS WELL?- We are a full-service direct marketing company. We provide comprehensive list services: strategy development,demographic profile development, list research, acquisition, list enhancement services, and database/supression list management solutions. We also provide high quality, competitively priced printing and mailing services as well.

  4. DO YOU REALLY UNDERSTANDING DIRECT MARKETING OR DO YOU JUST SELL LISTS - DietrichDirect sells lists because they are inextricably tied the other aspects of the direct marketing process. In order for us to make our clients successful, we partner with, and "hand pick" the very best marketing mailing lists the industry offers. So, even if you order just lists from us, you benefit from our experience and multi-dimensional approach.

  5. GIVE AN EXAMPLE OF RECENT SERVICE THAT YOU WOULD CONSIDER "OVER AND ABOVE" - Service is the cornerstone of our business. When you call, you get a live person...and we get the information you need (counts, research, pricing) back to you quickly...if not instantly. And our job isn't finished when we send you the list. We are notorious for going "over and abov the call of service" to help our clients get from the list to the mail.

  6. IF YOU HAVE THE LOWEST LIST PRICE, WHAT WILL SUFFER AS A RESULT? - We believe that we can provide you with an incredible value: a great list at a great price, delivered with great service. Plain and simple.

  7. ARE YOU TRYING TO AVOID ME BY MAKING ME RUN THE COUNTS AND ORDER THE LIST MYSELF? - So much of what we do in the list industry depends on technology. But we know its shortcomings. It does us and you no good if you're unsure about a count or order you may have placed on our site, and can't push a button and chat with us instantly. Let us ask you questions and run the counts for you.

  8. WHAT IS YOUR GUARANTEE? - Everyone claims "quality," but DietrichDirect delivers quality with substance...not rhetoric. We are so convinced that our list products are the very best available, that our guaranteed is simple: If you receive bad data we will replace the records or refund your money for the portion of your list purchase that was undeliverable or out-of-date. This is our iron clad mailing list guarantee, and it's your peace of mind.

  9. WHAT IS YOUR GOAL FOR SELLING US A MAILING LIST - The answer had better be "We want you to sell more, grow larger, and make more money!" That's all you should want to hear frankly. That's our focus. If another company speaks to you in platitudes and/or doesn't answer this simple question directly, then it's time to look for another provider.

  10. WHAT MAKES YOUR LIST COMPANY DIFFERENT? - Our combination of expertise, service, and competitive pricing makes DietrichDirect a great value. Once you engage us online (via chat) or offline (via phone) you'll know immediately that you're dealing with a different company.

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