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Mailing List Providers.
10 Things To Look For When Choosing The Right One.

  1. EXPERIENCE - Look for a company with years of experience in virtually every facet of the direct marketing industry. Why? Selling lists is one thing - but understanding the entire process is even more beneficial. Look for mailing list providers with an intimate understanding of how the data is compiled, and an understanding of the challenges that you as a marketer and business owner face.

  2. WHO OWNS AND COMPILES THE LIST? - As the most important component to direct marketing success, you need to know who exactly is behind the the compilation of the list. List brokers typically don't compile the lists, but they are responsible for choosing among the many lists in a given category. Experience matters in this case. There are "gold standard" compilers, and then there are compilers that do not do an adequate job of maintaining the accuracy and freshness of their lists.

  3. ONE CALL SHOULD BE ALL IT TAKES - A full-service list brokerage will provide comprehensive list services: strategy development,demographic profile development, list research, acquisition, list enhancement services, and database/supression list management solutions. They should have the resources to find virtually any list available.

  4. LOOK FOR EXPERIENCE BEYOND SELLING YOU A LIST - A lot of mailing list providers are just internet businesses. Look for a company that actually uses the lists they sell themselves. Look for a company that has direct marketing agency experience, and direct mail production experience. Look for a company that sells lists because they are inextricably tied the other aspects of the direct marketing process. This allows you to take full advantage of their comprehensive experience and multi-dimensional approach.

  5. LOOK FOR OUTSTANDING SERVICE - Service should be the cornerstone of any reputable list business. When you call, you should get a live person...and then get the information you need (counts, research, pricing) back to you quickly...if not instantly. Online count systems are also helpful as well, but some companies offer instant/live online chat capabilities. This can be a huge timesaver because you don't have to wander through a confusing count system. The person on the other end of a live chat session can often provide counts to you faster than if you tried yourself. Plus, you'll avoid making a rookie mistake that could be costly! A reputable list company's goal should be to make your list purchase as simple as possible. And do that with great service, thorough communication and insightful account management!

  6. COMPETITIVE PRICING - Reputable mailing list providers will not only partner with "gold standard" database compilers, but will also offer very competitive pricing. Lists can be competitively priced...and if you know what to look for, you can find gold standard data that is priced more competitively than poorly compiled and maintained information. If you find a cheap mailing list, before you buy, you should ask about the quality and the source of the data.

  7. TECHNOLOGY? - So much of what we do in the mailing list industry depends on technology. Look for a company that knows how to best leverage the tools, software and applications that are available today. But understand that having a count system online doesn't help you if your user experience with it is difficult. You can very easily buy the wrong list records if you don't know exactly how to use it and how the different search parameters interact. This can and does happen all the time with "self service" list ordering systems. Users can end up buying to many records... or worse, the wrong records. Find a list company that understands the benefits of technology and one that knows how to steer you clear of its shortcomings. Look for a company that in the end, encourages you to pick up the phone or engage in live chat sessions if you don't understand something.

  8. YOU WANT "PEACE OF MIND" - Everyone claims "quality," but look for a provider that delivers quality with substance...not rhetoric. Excellence...not mediocrity. If you find a company that is intimately familiar with the list industry and is aware of, and can articulate the techniques & processes that produce quality, accurate mailing lists, then you'll have that peace of mind.

  9. THEIR ONE GOAL...MAXIMIZE YOUR RETURN ON MARKETING INVESTMENT (ROMI) - Look for a company that truly understands the challenges that you as a marketer or business owner face. They should have a keen understanding of your particular industry. They should be able to easily put themselves in your shoes, and understand who exactly your target audience is. They should also be asking you questions about the use of the list... if direct mail, then they should be helping you determine if the audience (the list) is in harmony with the creative, the timing and execution. A expert list consultant isn't concerned about the list sale, they should take an active interest in the other aspects of your direct mail project as well...and all with one goal in common: to maximize your Return On Marketing Investment.

  10. GUARANTEE - A reputable list company should have an iron-clad guarantee around the lists they sell. While list companies do not guarantee any level of response, they should guarantee a deliverability rate. Different lists offer different deliverability experiences, and you should be aware of those expectations prior to ordering. Most quality, up-to-date lists are between 92% and 99% deliverable. So you should expect some returned mail. List companies typically offer and one for one replacement of list records that are returned. They don't provide refunds of postage or printing costs - only refunds based on the list records themselves - whether they replace the records or refund a portion of the list cost based on the returns.

DietrichDirect Has Grown Its Business Based Upon All Of The Above Best Practices.
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