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How to Order an Apartment Maiing List


Target Any Apartment Complex In The US!

Our Apartment Database Allows You To Build A Precisely Targeted List At The Building/Complex Level.

By Rental Amount - By Street - Or By Any Other Geography.

Guaranteed Deliverable. Guaranteed Lowest Price. Guaranteeed Maximum Possible Postage Discounts.

This Is The Simplest And Most Cost Effective Way To Reach Apartment Dwellers and Renters...Period!

Here's How To Get Your List In Just 3 Easy Steps...

Step 1. Identify the areas that you wish to target. Your mailing list of apartment complexes can be developed using specific building address(es) or by any other geography (city, county zipcode, street etc). You can also identify your targets by their rent amount ($1000 per month and higher).

Step 2. Provide your targeting information to us via:

Phone: 800.798.4572
Live Chat: - Apartment List Advisors (Online Now!)

Step 3. DietrichDirect will send you a report that outlines the total number of apartment deliveries for the areas you specified. (***Counts by complex are provided at no charge for up to 20 complexes). We will also provide you with free consultation to go over your marketing goals and objectives.

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Pricing and Features

  • Our basic apartment records are delivered via email to you. The list includes the following elements:
    • Salutation - such as "To Our Friends At"(default provided is "Current Resident")
    • Full Address - includes all address elements PLUS everything necessary to construct the USPS barcode (if requested)
    • If requested - the CASS certification from the USPS making you eligible for maximum postal discounts.
    • Price - Only $7.50 per thousand records ($25.00 minimum order for 1000 records)
    • Any format option is available, however most common is Excel (no extra charge and the default format ) or MS Word label document ($8.00 extra charge)
    • Apartment complex names are not available for append on this type of list. If you need your list to include apartment complex names then you must order by specific complexes/pricing as outlined below.

If you need to target SPECIFIC apartment complexes/communities, you can provide us with your list, or we can assist you in developing a list complexes to target based on geography or rent/lease range criteria at no additional cost. Our current pricing is as follows:

  • 1 complex - just $29!
  • Up to 2 complexes - Only $39
  • Up to 4 complexes - Only $75
  • Up to 10 complexes/communities - Only $129

  • Optional data elements available:
    • We can append the name of the head of household for each record (where available) for an additional $7.50 per complex
    • We can provide your list order data in label format - MS Word DOC (usually Avery Style 5160) for additional $8.00.
    • We can provide you a list of verified "renters." Please inquire if this is the type of list you're looking for.
    • We can also provide you with a list of recent "new movers" into apartments. Please inquire for counts and pricing.
    • ***Up front counts requested for more than 20 complexes run $8 each complex. If you subsequently order the units for any given complex(es), then the $8 is credited toward that particular complex cost.

  • Optional Services
    • Inquire about our turnkey apartment mailing program...complete full color, jumbo postcard printing and mailing programs. Here's what is included for a price that you can't beat even if you did the mailing yourself!
      • Jumbo 6 x 9 postcard, full color on both sides, heavy, "stand out in the mailbox" 14pt glossy cover/card stock, and 2 hours of free design assistance and make ready - minimum 2000 records mailing to qualify for free design of your postcards..
      • Any quantity of apartments from our database.
      • Complete inkjet addressing, mail preparation and delivery to USPS.
      • AND Postage (assumes standard rate - for profit entities...non-profits could be less, please inquire!)

Compare our pricing to the competition...and against you doing the project on your own.

Our Pricing Below is the Most Competitive You'll Find Anywhere.

Direct Mail Qty
Total Cost
Price Per Piece


DietrichDirect...A Direct Marketing Agency Behind Every List We Sell!

Beware! There are many list companies out there that are essentially just "internet businesses"... because mailing lists are easy to sell in an online environment...and web pages simple to build.

...But they may know little or nothing about the other aspects of direct mail marketing - the strategy, the creative, the execution, and the timing...the whole of the approach.

We sell lists because they are inextricably tied the other aspects of the direct marketing process. In order for us to make our clients successful, we partner with, and "hand pick" the very best lists the industry offers. So, even if you order just lists from us, you benefit from our experience and multi-dimensional approach.

But beyond all of the experience and knowledge we bring to bear, our service is what sets us apart.

Great Service is FREE!

DietrichDirect prides itself on great service and great quality at the best price possible. We have over 20 years experience in virtually every aspect of the direct marketing, business communications and list industries, and we simply believe we can do it better than our competitors. That is our be better than the rest.

So when you engage us, we don't want you to be merely satisfied...we want you to be delighted! Delighted with the quality. Delighted with the service. Delighted with the results.

Looking for a Mailing List of Apartment Complexes Or Renter Mailing Lists? Not Sure Which List is Right For You? Call Us Today and Speak With Our Helpful List Advisors!


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