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Here's a Better Way To Reach Businesses In The Los Angeles Area...

In 3 Easy Steps, You Can Build Your Own, Highly Targeted Los Angeles Business Mailing List For As Little As 4 Cents A Lead!

If you want to grow your business by marketing your product or service to a highly targeted list of sales leads in the Los Angeles area, follow this simple 3 step process:

Download Our Free SIC Reference. Choose Industries. Order Your List!

1. Download our handy SIC Code List spreadsheet (Get SIC Code Spreadsheet here!)

Why you might be asking? Because government and business data compilers use over 1000 categories for identifying industries. Our simple and comprehensive spreadsheet of these categories is the only way to guarantee precise targeting of the industries that are of interest to you, which means you'll spend less time and less money sifting through literally thousands of directory-type listings looking for the proverbial "needle in the haystack."

2. Choose the industry categories that represent the market for your products or services in the Charlotte Area. If your product or service has broad market appeal, then simply use this list to EXCLUDE certain categories from the targeting process.

And choosing your categories is very simple - just place an "X" next to each industry you want, and then email the spreadsheet back to us...we'll take it from there!

Or contact us through our chat application right here and tell us the SIC categories and any other criteria you need and we'll run counts for you quickly while you're online with us.

Live Chat: - Business List Advisors (Online Now!)

3. Order Your List By Calling Us At 800-798-4572. We'll take the time to discuss your order with you...and provide you with other list refinement options such as:

  • Refining your list by "# of employees", "revenues", etc.
  • Selecting only records with certain contact information like "Title"
  • Selecting records by Zipcode or other geography
  • And much, much more...just ask us.


Folks, this is by far the fastest, simplest and most accurate way to build a highly targeted list of business leads that are RELEVENT to YOUR business or interest. it's the way we direct marketing professionals do it when we consult with our clients, because the SIC Code Classification forms the foundation of the targeting process when it comes to developing a Business Lead / Contact List.

And our handy spreadsheet gives you a really easy, yet comprehensive view of U.S. Industry.

  • It's in a format that you're very familiar with, which means it very easy to use;

  • It's downloadable and ready to print out, which means it's conveniently available, and you're not stuck sitting at your PC trying to develop a business lead list. You can take ours anywhere!

    Some companies put their SIC Code "reference" in a maze-like fashion online that requires constant clicking this and clicking that...so you're really not sure where you've been, or where you're going. Rather, ours is put together with the end user (YOU) in mind. It's a "one-click," get it, view it, and use it - in it's entirety. REAL SIMPLE!


We're the only company you need to for all your business data needs. Here's why:

  • Our database undergoes a full rebuild every month.

  • All records are phone verified every year;

  • We get our new business listings at the time they are filed with state and local government agencies;

  • We get our new business listings at the time they are filed with state and local government agencies;

  • Our business database has been compiled and continuously for well over 30 years.

  • We are not "order takers." Your List Advisors have significant experience in Direct Marketing beyond running counts and placing orders; we are involved in the entire direct marketing process, and that's important to you because we understand "what" you're trying to accomplish.


  • If You Order Now By Calling Toll-Free 1-800-798-4572, We'll Give You An Extra 1000 Leads FREE On Your First Order!

  • Need more information? Here's 10 reasons why you should use DietrichDirect for all your Business Data needs.

Let's Get Started Today...Call Us!


If You Would Like For Us To Assist You With Business Databank Counts,

You May Call Us Or Use The Form Below.
A Helpful List Advisor Will Contact You Immediately And Can Assist You In Developing A Customized Business Counts Report.

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